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by - Saturday, October 12, 2013

Earlier this week, I was invited by the SUPPERMAN not Superman crew for a food tasting session over at their outlet in Tanjong Pagar. They were really nice to have me bring along my friends for the session! So I invited Clint, Damien, Don and HP together to enjoy the food with me!


32 Maxwell Road,
Maxwell Chambers,
#01-06, Singapore 069115

Price range: $10 ~ $30


Getting there:
Alight at Tanjong Pagar station,
Exit B, and head left!
And then you'll see a store looking like this....

We were welcomed by their friendly staff to our seats and got served our drinks. I have no idea when did I adopt this weird obsession over taking photos of table settings hahahaha. But whenever I enter a restaurant, I have this habit of taking pictures of their utensils and stuff! Especially when they have really cute utensils and tablewares!

Wendy the owner, also the pastry chef came to greet us shortly after we settle down in our seats, and did a brief introduction to us about SUPPERMAN and the cuisine they serve to tempt our hungry souls before we get started with the food.

SUPPERMAN serves a unique range of western-asian fusion dishes which I find really really special because it isn't something you would usually expect from a Bistro-bar. I actually visited their website and checked out their menu before visiting the Bistro and I swear I am super excited to try most of their dishes because it looks too damn good. *drools*

They also serve alcohol, ciders and lattes! It's an ideal place to chill and hang out with your buddies! Their interior feels really cosy too!! We actually sat there for quite a while to just chill after our meal that day, hahaha.

Now..... Up with the first dish!

Ribeye Steak with Green Onion Puree
One of my favourite from the list! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS.

Okay, I have to be frank that I am actually rather beef-biased hahaha. I really love steak, and you know what?! The green onion puree actually taste a lot like guacamole, also one of my sauce-bias! Or maybe because they are of the same color....
When I first saw the term "green-onion" my mind was filled with the disgusting green onion that the kopitiam uncles/aunties always dump into my soup-based noodle or porridge, omfg. So I thought the puree was gonna have that kind of taste as well, but to my surprise, it actually smells really nice! Like some kind of roasted potato lingering taste kind of thing.
It fits as a perfect replacement for the medium grilled steak's brown sauce.

Pan-fried Cod with Preserved Radish and Soya Broth *MUST TRY*
If I have to chose a star for that day, I'd say this dish took all of the limelight from every single human present that day. Everyone was filled to umpteen praises for this dish because it was simply too good for description!!

You guys probably know by now that I am quite a roast-garlic fan considering the amount of aglio olio photos I have on my instagram..... JUST LOOK AT THE AMOUNT GOLDEN ROASTED GARLIC ON THE COD FISH. And it smells soooooo nice we were all rather annoyed at each other because we had to wait for everyone to be done with the photos before we could dig into the dish... XD

The cod was served with the soya broth, that amazingly went super well with the garlic and preserved radish. Cod fish are usually tasteless, but has this really soft texture that makes you feel like you are eating the cheek area of the fish all the time, so the toppings and broth that goes with it is really important!
People tend to fry it until it's ultra salty to neutralize the taste of the cod, but then at SUPPERMAN, they made it a point to reserve the juicyness of the fish, and made it blend well with the soya broth and garlic!

What made it even better is that the price is totally reasonable. A dish like this at only $21.80?!

Laksa Seafood Linguini

If you're looking for a main course that would make you full, this is definitely the dish for you. Especially if you're a pasta and laksa lover!
The sauce is sweet creamy at first taste, but it still has a really strong laksa spice in it. And their linguini is cooked to al-dente, a point where the middle part of the pasta is left uncooked so that it is firm but not hard to keep it at the tender-crisp phase. You can also request to have it fully cooked!
And the seafood,

I really loved the sotong hahahahahaha. So glad the guys didn't like sotong, so I devoured everything HAHAHA.

Cereal Crusted Cutlet with Yuzu Wasabi Sauce

Da-yum. The moment I had my first bite, I screamed out this is sooooo much better than XXX's wasabi sauce. HAHAHAHAHA. It feels like this bistro is catered to my liking please. They have almost every single one of my favourites and it's not even near to the end of my post yet, XD

What could be better than cereal crusted chicken cutlet with yuzu wasabi sauce?! It's like eating cereal prawns but this is chicken... How awesome?! People who are too lazy to peel prawns or allergy to seafood, you can finally have your share of cereal chicken, nomnomnommmmm.

Next up....

Beer Battered Fish

By the time this dish came, we were almost at our limits. But Tehpeng managed to swallow it anyway because he loveeeees Fish N' Chips hahahaha!
This dish is rather special! The fish is being coated by their special beer batter before deep-frying. But then the beer taste isn't strong at all. It somehow gives off a little different after-taste to the fish as compared to the usual Fish N' Chips you eat outside. I call it the SUPPERMAN taste, hahahaha.
I mean, every restaurant has their unique taste right? For me, I really like how the beer taste is still lingering within the meat but kept to it's minimal!

Cold Spicy Glass Noodles

Did I mention I really like glass noodles too? Especially Cold Spicy Glass Noodles?! I told you SUPPERMAN is totally catered to my liking! I am so thankful for this session, T_T ~~~

Anyway. The glass noodles is being tossed thai chilli sauce and served with assorted vegetables and roasted peanuts like thai rojak. It is not too spicy because they used sweet thai chilli which many many many people love!
You should totally bookmark this dish if you're a crazy thai chilli lover 8D


The weekly special for this week is Oh-my-DOG! SUPPERMAN has different weekly special every week! So do check with their store for their weekly special dish!!
Meanwhile reminisce on how juicy are the hotdogs.... The cheese and mustard........... *droooooools*

And here comes their signature dish....

Look at those bacon.... Those cheese..... and THAT PATTY. Too sinful.. I might actually have a heart attack from this awfully meaty indulgence. But nobody says NO to bacons, cheese and beef patties!! ESPECIALLY BACON THAT LOOKS THIS GOOD!

I'm not saying this because I'm beef-baised, but the patty is really good. It's not dry at all, and then the bacon was crispy on the side, juicy on the inside. And doesn't have that smelly oil taste. The burger is served with roasted sesame sauce, so it gives off a really really nice tempting smell that actually draws you to eat it, like reeeally badly. I would totally finish it up, but my stomach was on the verge of flipping because I drank too much water. Hahahahahaha, I'm quite a water tank actually XD

And then we got to try their side-dishes!

Truffle Fries.Pasta Salad.Potato Wedges.Rosemary Roasted Baby Potatoes.


Actually, I am not only garlicbeefbaconpastacheeselaksathaichilli-biased, I am also a diehard-ultrahardcore-fan of potatoes. To such an extent I actually used to buy potatoes and cook them for my 3 meals when I was younger. I don't have that much time now to cook that often, but I do drop by Aston for baked potato once in a while to satisfy my pota-crave hahahahahahahaha.

The Rosemary Roasted Baby Potatoes is legend. I can sit at SUPPERMAN the whole day and chomp down at least 10 bowls of that. Then you'll see pota-vi soon.

I was rather full, so I didn't try the fries and wedges. And I am craving for their pasta salad now, T_T -
We were served with their desserts after we took a short break from the food. There is always space for desserts, hehehehehehe.

Coconut Butter Tart *MUST TRY*
This taste like Melaka - 8D

Idk why! But the moment I eat it, I think of Melaka!! The coconut filling is mixed with brown sugar and butter, and it somehow gives off the Melaka taste and it's not too sweet. The crust is soft, but crispy too(How did that even happen)! Best part, they come with ice cream. Hahahahahaha, I noe chu rike. XD
This is a total must-try at SUPPERMAN!

Lemon Cheesecake
When I saw the dessert column on their menu, I totally went like, "Why do they have all of my favourites it's crazy."
Then I made a conclusion that I am actually a glutton and I love all sort of food, as long as it's food.

Lemon Cheesecakes are the best dessert you can ever have after a sumptuous meal! Because the lemon-y taste would make you feel less bloated after chowing down so much food. Sometimes I love my chocolates. But when I eat too much, which actually happens most of the time... I'll chose something lemon-y! And since I am not a fan of orange... Their cheesecake really hit the spot. It's not sticky, and doesn't make you feel too sick of the cheesy taste! I think the lemon neutralized that part, hahaha. I somehow recalled being the one finishing this plate that day... :x

And not forgetting their Chocolate Mud Cake which I failed to snap a photo of because the chocolate melted T_T... You can visit HP's blog to have a look hahaha.

Its was soooooooo chocolatey I actually wanted an extra serving of it. *stapheatinglikeapig*
But really, like bacons.... NOBODY SAYS NO TO MUD CAKES.

That pretty much sums up my trip to SUPPERMAN with the boys! We are actually planning a return trip back because the session was tooooo good. And we are dying to have that cod fish again, XD But I'm more dying to have my rib-eye lah, omo.

Thank you SUPPERMAN so much for having us!

I hope you are hungry and dying to try all the food I've mentioned now, hahahahaha. Enjoy your trip there!

SUPPERMAN is located at:

32 Maxwell Road,
Maxwell Chambers,
#01-06, Singapore 069115


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