by - Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Before I got onto the comp, there's a lot I wanted to say. But the very moment I launched Blogger, my brain went all blank.

My brain really just refuse to function as long as it's before 12MN. Sometimes I really can't help but wonder if I have the blood of a vampire. I have 2 really pointy teeth, and I live the vampire lifestyle. But then again, who can actually certify that vampires actually existed?

For me, I chose to believe the myth. And to be true, I'm actually quite a fan of these beautiful mythical creatures.
*Thinks back about the times when I would wikipedia all about them and even read their storybooks or manga.*

You know, I reeeeally reaaaallyyyyy loved Twilight back then... Until they decided to cast RP as Edward Cullen.. I felt as if I had my childhood ruined. God, the Edward Cullen that I've always imagined was drop-dead gorgeous like Christian Grey. Ever since Twilight came out as a movie, I can never erase that ugly image of EC off my mind anymore. Sigh....

So after Twilight, my new obsession went ahead onto House of Night series, which I've stopped due to my busy schedule in school.. But I am still in love with the love-hate relationship Zoey Redbird has with her pals, and her rather ridiculous adventure as a fledging. Rumour has it a movie adaption will be released in 2015 and House of Night will start filming next year. I honestly hope history doesn't repeat. Or I'm just not gonna watch the movie itself,

What about you? What's your obsession?

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  1. Daeleon Koi Salang JessicaNovember 3, 2013 at 2:32 AM

    Same as me haha I like vampire they are my idols. I usually sleep at daynight awake at night and I have 2 sharp teeth. I also taste of my own blood before and for me it taste like syrup.


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