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by - Sunday, July 21, 2013

Headed over to Datsumo Labo yesterday for consultation!
You know.. Good things must share.... XD

Datsumo Labo?

Datsumo Labo is a Japanese Full Body Hair Removal Salon which was established in Japan in July 2010 and have 54 branches opened worldwide within 3 years! Ever since they opened in Singapore, many bloggers had raved about their services! So how could I miss it? Hahahaha!

I was greeted by a really friendly staff, Janice, the moment I arrived at the salon! So we got seated and she started on going about the services they have at Datsumo Labo, and the attractive packages they have to offer. To be true, I've always thought hair removing services are ultra expensive, so I've only did shaving and stuff at home on my own. But did you know how bad it is for your skin if you constantly shave every time it's growing? Apart from the hair you're removing, you are shaving away the skin surface too! It will then cause cuts, irritation and at times infection and rashes for people with sensitive skin.

But at Datsumo Labo, they use latest IPL machine which was imported from an Italian Company called ‘Deka’, the ‘High Quality Aesthetics Machines’. Hair removal using Minisilk FT is a gradual, painless and effective result for all types of hair and skin! And the best part is you'll get a permanent reduction of hair! They will never grow anymore! Who doesn't want clean and smooth shaved armpits right? Imagine how awkward it is when you have hair pricking out of your sleeves.... Oh god.

And Datsumo Labo is using the 'S.S.C Gel' (Smooth Skin Control Gel), that helps protect your skin from getting burn. It gives off a really cooling and soothing sensation!

Also, consultation is totally free of charge and they don’t do any hard-selling, or selling of products! Their staffs would help the customers meet their needs or help them to solve their problems that they have been facing. They would even assure you of your queries! Especially if you are wondering if all these hair extraction would be painful.. Janice had assured me that it's gonna be painless, hahahaha. So you will definitely have peace of mind and enjoy the sessions over at Datsumo Labo!

Having said so much, I bet most of you are unable to catch up with all these terms. So why not book an appointment with Datsumo Labo now, and have their friendly staffs letting you on more information about them?

• Home Page


• Orchard Branch
Tel: 6836-2140
Email: dlinternationalbuilding@datsumo-labo.com
Address: #01-13 International Building,
360 Orchard Road Singapore 238869.

• Tanjong Pagar Branch
Tel: 6538-3053
Email: dltporchidhotel@datsumo-labo.com
Address: 1 TRAS LINK Orchid Hotel, #02-02 SINGAPORE 078867

• Facebook Page LIKE their Facebook Page too!

Hope to see you guys there soon!

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