It's been a while

by - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Aloha! One week since I last blogged! I'm sorry for being so inactive recently, but you honestly wouldn't want to know how I lead my life now. It'll be too boring for you to read the same thing everyday!

I sleep, I wake up, I prepare for school, go to school, handle class politics and judgmental classmates, finish lessons, hang out with the non judgmental bunch for lunch and then head home to roll on bed and spend the night complaining about my day to Clint.

Lessons are getting really dry. It's so bad that it doesn't really motivate me on attending classes and scoring well anymore. And to make things worse, I have this really terrible bunch of people as my classmates. It's not the first, but I didn't expect people from art school could be this competitive! It really makes me sick facing a bunch of people like that 5 days a week. Which is usually the reason why I tend to self proclaim a day holiday at least once a week.. ( /_-") -Face palm-

Also, dressing up is a pain. I don't get why do people judge you by how you dress! It's plain rude and childish. So if I wear a tshirt with FBT, accompanied with a pair of slippers it means I'm a really sloppy and irresponsible worker? Of course, not that I'm bothered by how people look at me. At least my lecturers don't judge me that way, that's more than enough. Students ain't the ones grading you anyway, isn't it?

A couple of photos from yesterday! Decided to finally wear my Bambi Green lens that doesn't really look like green in my photos.

You know you should camwhore for a bit when you have such good quality front cam, hehehe.

I don't usually dress up or put on make up so its a rare chance to camwhore! I honestly salute girls who are able to go out with those fake lashes and make up all day. Even wearing contact lenses make me feel real tired already. Perhaps to me, sleep is more important! That's why I won't sacrifice my sleep to wake up early for make up, hahaha!

Alright, gonna go rush my work now. Long day tomorrow, gonna sleep early I hope!

I'll blog again soon! Xx

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