by - Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Feeling sentimental today. Or rather, it's a sentimental October. So many things happened, and so many things to handle. I've been missing school due to some medical issues, and now one classmate contracted TB, and I've been coughing like some kind of mad woman, thus I'm on a so called 1 week MC, which I feel, more like I'm being quarantined.

In case some of you were wondering what's TB... It's tuberculosis. Okay, you can google the rest.

Apart from this whole TB issue... I'm also having serious issues with my tooth. Toothache here and there, and suspecting of wisdom tooth growing and yadah... Ugh, October sure isn't swift for me, at all.

On the other hand, it's the month of Halloween! Well, I did have a couple of plans for Halloween. Like perhaps, going for USS Halloween night, or Siloso's Halloween walk. But then all these TB and toothache thing is being a bitch! I might have to drop my Halloween plans thanks to all these medical issues! :(

Bah, let's not talk about these anymore. It's making me sad. I'm being locked up at home for the next 1 week, and Clint isn't around to entertain me. Pfft..

IKEA last Saturday.....!

Of course, Meatballs.... Nomzxc.

Resist all these awesome food at IKEA, really? No.

Went over to cold storage after that, bought a couple of Halloween Kinder Joy!

Chocolate makes me happy! Oh well, I guess the only way for me to forget all about this horrible October is delicious food eh? Okay, it's time for the awkward moment of not knowing how to end this post.

I'm really hungry, so... TIME FOR DINNER. Good bye!

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