National Day Dinner: LavaEdge

by - Thursday, August 09, 2012

Okay, I know it's funny to have a National Day Dinner but we just had one, LOL. Actually it's just a casual dinner that just so happened to be on National Day, haha. And so we headed out for dinner after watching NDP's drill!

Daddy drove us to McRitchie Reservoir's LavaEdge for dinner! They specialize in Mexican cuisine! We got welcomed by a couple of hot Caucasians that brought us to our seats!

The bar that's filled with all sorts of liquor!

Because it was too dark and we were sitting in the opened space area, I couldn't take much picture, :( The lightings were horrible! But it's okay, I have pictures of the food. Where can miss the most important thing?!

Daddy's Duck Risotto! Waiter specially told my dad that it's to be finished within 15minutes or else it would taste horrible or something. Don't know if it's true, Daddy finished it really quickly anyway, hahahaha!

Mummy's Baked Pork Belly! (Sounds damn wrong, LOL.)

Baby's South of The Border! They have really unique names for their burgers!

There's so many main course on the menu that looks superb delicious, but being a Salmon lover, I got myself a Salmon Cro. Monsieur!

Looks damn delicious right?! It tastes delicious! The serving is damn huge too! Super worth the price. We also got a couple of Sodas and Ice Latte! But lightings was so bad I couldn't take a decent photo. :(

Not to forget the desserts!

Lemon Meringue Tart,

Apple Crumble! I swear this is heavenly. One of the few best Apple Crumble I've ever eaten!

And after the superb fulfilling dinner, we took a short stroll down the hill and back to the car and then........home.

Okay, I know my life is boring. Watch NDP, dinner, and then home. At least I went out to enjoy night scenery okay! x( And must enjoy ma, after a long week in school! (Actually its only 3 days, LOL) But I'm gonna have a tiring time from next week on, so fml. OTL.......

I think I've rant on enough. So till then....! I'll blog again real soon! Stay tune! Xx

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