Long weekend!

by - Monday, August 20, 2012

And there goes a full week of schoooool! Okay, maybe not full cause I had some serious throat ulcer/infection so I was on 2 days MC, thus attended only 3 days of school on the very first week, 8D
But 3 days itself is enough to kill. I'm like piled up with a mountain load of homework and projects, all due by next week. And I haven't even touch any of them, at all! Fml...

You must be wondering what have I been doing right. Long weekend and I haven't start on anything.. Gaahahahaha! I've been either sleeping, gaming, watching dramas, or else eating away with Clint at home. And tomorrow's the last day of my long weekend. Ah, fuck.

Time passes so fast(?!)

Never mind, it's okay. I'mma start and complete everything by tomorrow. School's really tiring. Considering the fact that I have to wake up an hour earlier so as not to be late everyday because I live an hour away from school. And carrying a hell lot of hard-cover sketchbook every other day because it's needed for almost every lesson, accompanied with my funny looking sculpture(I'll post a photo once it's done.) that I have to bring every Friday... Okay, I'm suddenly super impressed with myself over the fact that I actually survived. LOL.

I actually typed out a whole chunk of text and then removed them because I sounded damn bimbotic, wtf. Remember I lost my phone 2 months ago? I made a report and they said to call me back within 2 months, AND I HAVEN'T RECEIVE ANY UPDATES FROM THE IO AT ALL! Ugh. Now I don't even know how's my case. And I haven't get myself a decent phone, :(

Alright, I shall stop ranting. I need to start on my work. And here comes the awkward moment when I don't know how to end my post. Bye-bi!

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