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by - Friday, July 29, 2016

What up guys! Introducing Okinawa's best voted gelato! With more than 30 flavors available, the South &North Okinawa Gelato has brought in 9 flavors for you to try from in Singapore.

Salted Milk: Made using Nuchi Masu salt. Seawater is drawn off the coast of Miyagi Island. This sea salt contain high in minerals and it can accentuated the creaminess of the milk flavor.
Shikuwasa Sorbert: Made in Ogimi Village. The tangy sweetness of the green fruit is surprising refreshing and fruity.
Purple Sweet Potato: From Yomitan villange and Miyako island. The purple sweet potato is made into velvety paste before blending into the gelato. The overall taste combined a mild sweetness and intense potato “punch”.
Okinawa Tofu: Made in Nanho city. Okinawan tofu, being extremely high in protein, is often referred to as “longevity food”. The overall gelao is gently rich with Okinawa soyabeans.
Black/Red Tea: Made in Kunigami Village. A unique Okinawa tea leaves from Inzatsu Assam variety offer an full aroma character.
Brown Sugar: Made in Tarama Village. This gelato offer a sweetness with a complex, mineral-rich finish.
Meyer Lemon Yogurt: Meyer Lemon is a natural hybrid of lemon and orange. We made this into a unique yogurt as a suitable alternative after heavy dinner.
Matcha: Using tea leaves from Shizouka Prefecture, this gelato has intense yet slightly bitter after-taste. Great for matcha lover who is looking for the real matcha “punch”.
Cheese: Made in Ishigaki Island using milk from Jersey cows. It’s mild, yet refined.

They had a pop up store going on @ Raffles Xchange last week, offering 8 of the 9 flavors available. My personal favorite was the Tofu and Salted Milk one because they're not too sweet, and the Okinawa Tofu one was simply amazing. I could taste the light flavoring of the milk used to make this gelato, at the same time a slight sweet tinge of lingering soy taste.

For tea lovers, you'll definitely love the Black/Red Tea and Macha flavor because the tea taste is extremely strong. Unlike your usual ice cream, which has a stronger cream taste instead of flavoring, the Okinawa Gelato will overwhelm your taste buds with their exotic flavoring.

Fun fact: Okinawa Gelato has only 5% fat in their gelatos! Comparing to your normal ice creams which contains 15% - 30% fats, the Okinawa Gelato is a much healthier choice; made from milk instead of heavy cream!

They also have Meyer Lemon Yogurt and Shikuwasa(Lime) Sobert, not exactly my favorite because it is really really sour. The taste does gets sweeter as you go on finishing the entire cup though! So my suggestion is have a cup of Lime/Lemon for dessert after a hearty meal. It'll definitely hit the spot!

And here's one for people who loves Salted Caramel. Nope, they don't have salted caramel here but they do have the Salted Milk flavor! I really love it because it first tastes like milk gelato, but then there is this sea salt after taste quickly following suit and fill up your entire palate. Like salted caramel, sweetness first, follow up the saltiness to balance out the taste. Making you want more and more of it! That is, if you are a salt person.. (If that ever make sense.)

My mom's favorite was the Japanese Purple Sweet Potato Gelato. She thought it was taro initially hahaha. Unlike what the name says, the sweet potato isn't as sweet as you think it is. It has mild sweetness in it, but you could also taste the freshness of the ingredients used to make these gelato. But I must say, it is really weird to taste Japanese Purple Sweet Potato cold. I mean, we've always ate it hot during cold weather. Now they have another use for the sweet potatos! Hahaha.

Surprisingly though, the Brown Sugar flavor isn't as sweet as I thought it would be. Unlike your usual Gula Melaka, the Okinawa Brown Sugar Gelato brings a little bit of herb taste along with it. Gula Melaka also has this weird herb taste but then it is extremely sweet and I am not a fan of sweet stuff. Thankfully Okinawa Brown Sugar Gelato tasted just right. (Too many flavors so spoilt for choice, thank goodness they only have 9 for now, hahaha)

Last but not least, is the Cream Cheese Gelato. A pity they don't have it on sale this time round because I am sure all cheese lovers would love the Cream Cheese Gelato. Imagine having frozen Hokkaido Cheese cake.... How amazing, right?!!

The Okinawa Gelato will return this coming mid August, with many more different flavors for you guys to try out. They will also expand into a physical store soon enough, do keep a look out!

PS: They are also looking for franchising, you can contact them @ if you are interested!

If you wanna get yourself some Okinawa goodness, don't forget to show them some support on their Instagram: @okinawagelato. Stay tune to their updates, and drop by the next time they're back!

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