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by - Saturday, March 26, 2016


You have no idea how happy I am counting the amount of weekends left to holidays. I honestly have no idea when did I start to dread school so much, lol. I practically don't even drop by school at all these days? BUT ANYWAY. Ran out from a meeting a few days back to visit Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry to get my hair touched up. Yahyah, I know. I shouldn't have ran out, but who cares about the meeting anyway? My existence is redundant in the group, ~_~

So, by touching up I mean to touch up my curly hair roots. I have extremely curly hair, and I will need to touch up my roots once every 2 months. Especially my fringe... My baby hair curls outwards every single time! SUPER ANNOYING. I am so glad I didn't have to do my whole head though, otherwise I won't be able to dye my hair as much anymore, :(

Good thing about Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry is that, instead of rebonding, they do the MUCOTA Hair Straightening treatment. So when you are straightening your hair, instead of damaging, you get to treat your hair. Yay!

Just look at how crazy curly and frizzy is that head. Good lord...
Apart from MUCOTA Straightening treatment, Elein also helped me applied MUCOTA ABC treatment to my hair ends too! Because I bleached my ends the other time, so it gets really frizzy and breaks whenever I accidentally tug it lightly if I don't maintain it regularly.

But of course, the best part of this trip is that I get to straighten my fringe, hahahaha. Saves me so much time from ironing it myself after shower every time!

Why do humans even have this weird curly hair genes. Super annoying..... Wish I was born with straight thick hair, then I can do whatever I want with it! Perm, dye, bleach, crazy colors, become a unicorn/mermaid/little pony... All of that would work if I have long straight and thick hair :(

But sigh... Got to resign to my fate of crazy brittle, thin and ugly curly roots. Bleach once, and it breaks. If I chose to straighten my hair, I am not allowed to bleach. And if I want to have crazy colors, I will never have straight hair, T_T CAN YOU GUYS FEEL MY PAIN.

Waiting for technology to become so advance I can change my genes or operate my hair follicles so it shapes straight hair instead of curly hair LOL.

Anyway, I can't fulfil my dreams of having a blonde head with all the treatments I did previously to straighten out my hair, so I brought Kimmy to the salon and have his head bleached. He wanted to go platinum, but poor boy couldn't tolerate the pain he has to go through, he stopped at 2.

Meanwhile, I was getting my hair dried already while he bleach, hehehehe.

Yay to swee swee fringe!!!!

I am still very sad I cannot bleach my hair ok. I really want my pink head back.

Who cares about how fried it is? It is still freaking chio and you can always do treatment to have it look neat and tidy all the time! But okay, far fetch dream. Never mind, I get to color Kimmy's head instead.

Now he has my previous blonde head! Hahahahhahaha

Thank you Elein for being so amazing everytime. You always do wonders to my head, even though it is already severely damaged and there are limitations to what could be done. ^3^

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