BREWLINGS: Singapore's First E-Sports Bar.

by - Monday, June 22, 2015

I believe you should have heard by now. Singapore finally, finally.... FINALLY has their very own E-sports bar!! Do you know how long I've waited for this?! If major gathering with alcohol in public isn't illegal, I would have hung out with my fellow gamers at some lok kok kopitiams or hawker centers in the past already.... but because IT IS, we don't get to hang out much, and we always had to go home early after our weekly bossing session last time, we slowly drifted apart due to lack of bonding sessions. PFFTS. (Hahaha I'm kidding.)
It is not because of the law that we stopped hanging out. Most of us just grew out of the gamers' life and moved on to a stable job. Some even got married, hahahaha.

But heyyyyy. We all know how important bonding sessions are. Furthermore it is conveniently located near Chompchomp.... Nhmmm... FOOD.

With the opening of BREWLINGS, Singapore finally has a space dedicated for avid gamers to hang out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how excited I was when I first heard of it during their planning phase. And I am also proud to be one of the first to warm up their chairs and gaming consoles! BAHAHAH.

You can chill and have a game or two with your buddies here! They have 3 PS4 that hosts Street Fighter and Fifa. (More games coming soon!) Just make sure you don't get so hooked, you bring the consoles home ah......

Brewlings also have different seating areas. They can contain up to 60 pax if you are planning to book the entire bar for parties or whatnot!

You see, they are actually looking to stream LIVE game tournaments from overseas at the bar itself. So people can pop on down during the tournaments and have a place to hang out with their friends while watching it LIVE. You have many different pubs and bars streaming F1, soccer, basketball matches.... But you don't see any place that is catered for gamers isn't it? That's why there's Brewlings!

With that said, Brewlings is the first E-sports bar opened in Singapore!

The bar itself is actually pretty spacious. So no worries if you are coming in huge groups, but do call in and check for vacancy just in case lah, huh? Hahahaha.

It was just a soft launch so the menu is not finalized! Even so, we got to try out their unique shots, specially created in different gaming themes!

These shots are named after the runes in DotA! Can you make a guess what are they?


This is Headshot. A special Baileys mix that I personally really really love!
Then again, this is just a soft launch tasting.... I really do hope they add this into their menu! ^^

Not only does it taste nice, you can also see that it is extremely photo worthy hahaha. Look how the Headshot stands out from all the other shots?

Ps; ..... One small disclaimer though, this is my first time trying shots. I've always thought shots are ultra kickass drinks with high alcohol percentage, so I've never dare to touch one in fear of myself getting an instant knock-out........... (This girl confirm watch too much drama, HAHAHHAA.)

Don't have a name for this yet, but it's a mix of milk with fruit punch!

They also created this(On the spot that day) for people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks! Me and Kimmy really loved this! It is super refreshing!

One special thing about Brewlings is that, they are open to customisation. So if you have your preferred mix of shots, just let the brewtenders know! They are a bunch of highly skilled bartenders with in-depth experience, so welcome to get them customise a drink for you!

They also have light bar snacks, and you are allowed to bring your own food to the bar! As long as it is not durian ah.... Hahahahhaa

They will also be selling these cute little merchandises from DotA, and many other games as well! Do keep a look out for it!

Brewlings has a total of 8 TV screen and 2 huge ass projector screens in the bar itself. So regardless of where you are sitting, you will definitely be able to see the screen and know what is going on. No fear about people blocking your view anymore!

As mentioned, they are specially catered to gamers to have a gathering spot for them to watch tournaments all together!

Spot any familiar faces? Top gamers all over Singapore were invited for the launch too! I dare not touch the consoles after watching them play. Hahahahhaa, don't wanna embarrass myself man, LOL.

Thank you Brewlings so much for having us on that day. It was an honour to witness the opening of Singapore's first ever E-sports bar.

Check out Brewlings @ 82 Serangoon Garden Way.

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thurs: 5pm - 1am
Fri-Sat: 3pm - 3am
Sunday: 3pm - 1am

(Sun-Thurs last order at 11.45pm.)

Tel: 98289626


From Ang Mo Kio MRT - AMK Bus Interchange: Take bus 76, 136.
From Lorong Chaun MRT - Walk to New Tech Pk bus stop, take bus 73.

Alight at 66271 Serangoon Garden Circus bus stop.
Don't forget to "LIKE" Brewlings on their Facebook page for more updates!

More virtual and bar games will be added soon, and also, they have different offers every month! Follow them on Facebook to check out what they have in store for you :D

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Let's get Brewling, xx

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