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by - Monday, March 16, 2015

Frankly speaking, I actually don't really have the mood to do my hair at all. If it wasn't for YYQ, I wouldn't even book an appointment to head out of my nest and get my hair done.

So I booked an appointment for both of us yesterday @ Komachi Hair Cult again. I think YYQ has officially become my hair-make buddy, hahahaha. It's a good thing, I am no longer lonely whenever I do my hair now!

The last time I went Komachi, I did a Keratin Treatment! Being me, I obviously didn't heed Miko's advice and went out to get drenched, go swimming, go to the beach and perspire like one pig. So my Keratin Treatment went to a waste because it wasn't well taken care of. In order to fix the frizz that I caused, Miko gave me an Argan Oil Treatment. She says that is the best for my hair now.

She applied the Argan treatment cream onto my hair and then gave me the usual big brain to boost some brain cells haha. Kidding. Boost hair cells, ok.

After 20 minutes of steaming........ No more frizz.

No tangles!

Look at how smooth it is.

I think my hair is finally growing a bit. My hair grows really slow, so slow I think it isn't even growing at all. But okay la, lately can see the difference. It is finally touching my shoulders after 1 year.

Did I actually went THAT short last year?? ~_~

Anyway.... Book your appointments with Komachi if you want to get your hair done since it's Poly holidays now.

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