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by - Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hey guys! Finally back with a really really long post. It's been a while, because I've been so freaking busy with filming and all.... Plus the screwing-ups is not funny. I need to do tons and tons of reshooting and scheduling and know, the yadahyadahyadahasdfghjklzxc......
Thank god, last week, Pamela invited me over to her Yoga studio, Tirisula Yoga, for a quick 2-days Tirisula Yoga Ambassador workshop!

In case you guys don't know... Yoga is actually really effective in de-stressing your mind and soul. Especially if you are working in an industry where your mind is constantly at work, and sleep is obviously insufficient in your fast paced lifestyle.

So when the email came, my brain went like, "HELL YEAH, TIME TO RELAX. TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT!"

Yep, and so I did!

But the depressing part is that I actually missed the first day of the workshop because of school. (YA, MORE WORK. WTHELL RIGHT?) I was called back for presentation, but my lecturer actually forgot about it. *facepalm*

Fast forward, day 2! I finally got to attend a quick yoga session with the rest of the invited yogis!! You have no idea how happy and excited I was. I've always wanted to try out yoga after reading up on how good yoga can help relax your body.

Not forgetting, yoga is ultimately about the balancing of the physical, mental and spiritual state!
It also helps to stretch out muscles which helped me a lot since i only sit in front of the computer, editing. Plus it helps to tone up these muscles if i get to do it regularly!

Maybe after awhile I can move up to a more intermediate class or do pilates or even hot yoga. Its a full body work out that I can do in the comfort of my home wearing whatever I please- but of course, you'll have to attend proper lessons first to better understand what yoga is all about.

And I, after going through so much non-stop stress for the past couple of years, obviously needed this.

I've always wanted to try yoga so bad after reading so many good reviews about how it helped improve health and state of mind! Because yoga focuses on balancing your body, mind and soul by meditating..... and meditating is basically sitting at one spot not moving or thinking about anything, rest your mind and let it relax for at least 5 minutes. It may sound easy, but when you really get down to it, you'll realise it's really hard to stay focus!!

The first thing we do after getting into our positions was small little warm ups to kick start our body so we wouldn't be so tensed. Master Paalu then guided us through some meditation, I swear it's super tough. As much as I want peace in my mind, I really cannot remain still and not thinking about anything for 5 minutes!! The max I could go was..... say maybe 2? Hahaha, but I tried ok!

Thank you Tirisula Yoga for the photos!

After meditating we did a series of different things to help regulate our blood. Because your body is in the relaxing mode, so if you start moving around quickly right after meditating, you might get dizzy spells! Yoga is usually slow paced, but Tirisula Yoga also provides fast paced lessons for people who prefer more movements than meditation.

After that Master Paalu made us do some core strengthening exercises, eg. sit-ups. I never knew my body had deteriorated SO MUCH!! I used to be able to do a minimum of 50 sit-ups in 1 minute?! Now 20 is enough to kill me, T_T

We also got into some positions where we will be able to train our core muscles. So as to prep us up for our ultimate pose!! Yes, that was what we are aiming for that day, hahahahahaha!

Who said yoga was easy?!

After all the hand stands, the crow and a lot of core exercise, we ended off our session with really fun and engaging warm ups!!

Master Paalu was really really nice and humourous!!! He made the entire session feel so fun. I’ve heard of bad and scary experience about yoga okay. Not even joking……
For example the instructor might force you to touch your toes even though you’re not flexible enough to do it.... Can you imagine that pain......

One thing this workshop taught me is that, yoga is not something you should be doing on your own without any guidance. Because by doing yoga, you are able to readjust your body posture and help fix bone or joints problems. So if you are not careful about how much you should be lifting your body, you might cause even more injuries to what's already there!

I also realise, at Tirisula Yoga, they actually do pay attention to each and every one of you! They will do slight adjustments to your posture while you're in your positions, and then explain to you why you shouldn't do this or that, and how it will hurt your back or leg further.

So on the first day when I joined them for the beauty workshop, I consulted Master Paalu about my back and ankle problem.
I was told I have a really bad arch to my spine, and it is stressing a lot of my ankle, thighs and achilles tendon. Which is why my ankle is always aching.
Then Master Paalu offered the solution to my crooked spine and warn me about the consequences if I don't get my spine fixed.

He first tried making me stand still and adjust my posture to get a straight back, but my body is SO STIFF, it is impossible to isolate just a part of the body and move the other to have my back straighten.
So we ended up leaning against the wall, with my knees slightly bent, making sure there isn't any gap in between the back of my waist and the wall, and then slowly standing up straight.
Yep, that is how a normal spine/back is supposed to be. You guys can give it a try!!

We were given an hour break after our session for us to go wash up and have some light lunch! Tirisula Yoga even has showers for you to wash up!! You don't have to worry about leaving the place all smelly and sweaty! Yesyes, yoga makes you perspire a lot.....

Light lunch was provided for us that day. We took a short walk across a series of shops to Tirisula Yoga's shop, where they sell all the yoga equipments!


Anyway, that's not the end of our day!! The 2-days workshop consist of a 3 hour session of yoga, and another 2 hours worth of Yoga theory and beauty workshop!! After we finished our lunch, we went back over to the studio to meet Master Weiling, where she explained what's 'Ayurveda' to us! She also taught us a lot about the different body types, and how we can live a better lifestyle by understanding more about body types!

It was a really really fulfilling and long lesson, maybe I'll explain again another time, hahahaha!!

Then we have guys from Infuusa, and Rachel K...... giving us short lessons on infused water and make-ups!

On the first day, we also had Belif team coming to give us a talk about the importance of moisturising too!!

It was an ultra fulfilling day, and I learnt a lot of stuff which I've always had a misconception on. I'm glad Pamela had invited me over for the workshop. It really opened my eyes up to a whole new world! But I am still super sad I missed the first day of yoga, *grumbles* ...

It's okay, I shall win the ambassadorship and head back to Tirisula Yoga soon and start losing some fats, LOL. You'd be surprised how much I perspired that day!! I was literally a spoilt water tap that couldn't stop dripping lah, super gross. But it's a sign I'm burning all the fats ok. (Y)

And then you guys can join me by signing up to their 50-hours Yoga transformation class, because Tirisula Yoga had so kindly offered a discount for all our readers!!

They even have yoga for mommys too!

Till then, xx ^3^

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