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by - Friday, August 02, 2013

A couple of days back, I visited my new hair sponsor, Monso Hair Design Tokyo at Clake Quay to have my hair done. Not too much of a change because I did Supersonic treatment only. I haz supersonic hair naooooo, hahahahaha!
My hair had been in a horrible state ever since I bleached it last year and went pink. It was kind of crazy, but you only live once. I'll probably go ash if I'm willing to risk my whole head next time, HAHA.

See how frizzy and unkempt it is?! I don't even know where my fringe parting is anymore,

Noma-san introduced me to my stylist, Takuma-san, shortly after bringing me to the seat. The salon has a really unique style! Instead of those dressing table mirrors that you usually see in normal salon, Monso has long mirrors right in front of you and a small round table beside you that's within your reach so that you could grab the magazine, drinks, and things from your bag easily! They also serve drinks like mocha, latte, green tea, water and more! I like how they are specially catered to customer's needs!

Ignore my $2 Cotton On bag, lol.....

The environment is also rather cosy. It feels like a home, with really bright sunlight shining in from the balcony, hahahahahaha!

Got myself a cup of mocha, x)

Had a hair wash before the treatment! The hair wash was totally awesome. I almost dozed off while enjoying the good hair wash here. They even provide you with a blanket to cover your legs just in case you're wearing a skirt and will zaogeng, that kind of thing. But it also helps keep warm if you're wearing shorts or so lah, since the air condition are quite strong at the salon. Ah, did I forget to mention they provide a thin towel to let you cover your face as well? You know how awkward it is when you have a male stylist wash your hair and then maybe they just start checking out your pores and everything on your face.... The towel may not serve that purpose, but I definitely feel more comfortable with a thin towel covering my face. You could also enjoy the hair wash better this way!

After that Takuma-san just towel dried my hair a little and then started using the clipper that's designed for Supersonic hair treatment.

I heard Monso is the first salon in Singapore that provides this hair treatment!

This machine treats your roots directly with vibration. Totally no heat at all! Takuma-san even jokingly touched the plates acting like he got burned, but it's totally not hot, hahaha! The clipper reacts to the chemical and then uses it's light technology to penetrate the essentials directly into your hair!

And then Takuma-san wrapped my head up with a towel and then steam my hair with this detachable brain-like steamer. Installing big brains before turning supersonic,

How you like my big head? 8D

After blowing dry! I love how smooth it is after the treatment!! All the frizz is gone too! And I can finally see my parting hahahahaha. My bangs had been in such a mess I honestly have no idea how to deal with it. That's one of the reason why I hate having bangs.

Takuma-san came over to help me style my hair after that for a short photoshoot with!

My nekomimi hairrrrr and Takuma-san! Takuma-san is a really funny guy! I had so much fun doing my hair here!

Zhiyuan! A really easy going guy, hahaha. Didn't expect him to be my age. He helped me with the hair drying!

Monso Hair Design Tokyo
1 Nanson Road #01-06 GALLERY HOTEL, 238909

Tel: 6836 5585

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Thank you for reading!

Dear Fi,
Happy Birthday!
Though we can't celebrate together anymore,
I hope you're happy with the angels.

I've missed you, giant buddy.

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