I wish.. I wish..

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Anddddd it's time of the year again!! Whipping up a wish list for my birthday, and noting down everything that I want. Also at the same time reminding myself how poor I am right now, so that I would get my lazy ass moving and get a job.

In case any of you didn't know, every year, 2 months before my birthday, I would whip up a wish list for myself, and then start saving up and buy myself something. Ranking from the most expensive one, until the less expensive one. And see just how much I could save within that 2 months, and get myself the item that is closest to the amount I saved!

To be honest, I am really eggcited this year because I am determined to get myself a NX1000. I am so gonna have my own camera for my 21st birthday!! Yayyyyyyyy!

Coming in first place, obviously my dream camera that I've been trying all means to win it by participating in every single related contest, even though they don't ship to Singapore, LOL.


Samsung NX1000 White.
What a beauty... It's all a dream now... But it's okay. It will become a reality soon!


Next is a digital piano. I've been wanting one since 5 years ago, and haven't gotten myself one because I really didn't have time for music back then. I even gave up dancing, :(


Bvlgari Ring!
I know this isn't practical... But.... HAHAHA!!
Okay, maybe I won't be getting this one, hahaha!


A white guitar perhaps?


A decent looking bag that doesn't look too sloppy. I've been carrying my $2 Cotton On bag for almost 3 years now.. T_T


A pair of killer heels! They always say a good pair of heels bring you a longggg way(Or is it something else?).


Cut another 5kg.

HAHAHA! This is like totally free! So I'm gonna do it. I'm going to cut another 5kg and maintain my weight because my photos ain't doing me any justice!! I look so fat in pictures, but ugly skinny and small in real life!

And that's about it! There isn't really much that I want actually. Most of it are like unnecessary. So I guess I can just skip it even if I don't save up enough for it, haha! Anyway, a couple of pictures from this afternoon!

Had lunch with Tiffany and Noelle at BlissHouse! Tiffany had something on so she left earlier. So me and Noelle stayed there for a while and chit chat for a bit. I really like the place because it looks so classy! And it's Europe themed wedding cafe. Makes me feel like I'm back in Europe all over again, hahaha!
I'll blog more about this place next time!

And a photo of me to end the post.

It's been a while!

Gotta head back to editing! Submission on Thursday and I am not even half done(?!) I honestly feel that I would retain.... but I certainly do not hope so. Alright, FIGHTINGGGGG!

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