Christmas already?

by - Friday, December 07, 2012

Hohoho! Woke up with postman calling out at my door step this morning. Sat up on my bed and thought to self, "I got order anything meh?" .... Went to receive the parcel anyway.

It's Christmas already?!
Hahahaha, not! But no doubt it's one of the few most awesome pre-Christmas gifts I've received!

New Playboy perfume!
They sent me the Play it Lovely one! Smells dam good. Nhhmmmmzxc.

And looks super cute, lol!

Now a new set of babies to add on to my collection. Can't wait to get all 3 different types of the Press to Play series! The bottle and packaging looks super cute rahh! Especially the VIP one. It's goldddddddddd in color, oh god, *melts*.

Get them at Watsons now! The ladies' perfume is selling @ $17.90, the guys' one is selling @ $19.90. Cheap, and good. (Y)


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