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Technology is changing, y'all. I almost couldn't keep up with all these advancements because things are changing so fast ever since Covid19 hit! You can now call for steamboat delivery? (WHAT.) I've actually heard about it never knew how it works. I've always thought maybe it's just purchasing groceries and ingredient then a bit stupid to be ordering from a steamboat shop right, since you can delivery from supermarkets, hahahaha. But nope! I got to try out Steamboat Delivery Singapore last week, and was so surprised by the options available for delivery. Furthermore, everything at just a few clicks away?!

Ingredients and groceries aside, what surprised me the most was tiny personal pot that they gave. You can now maintain personal hygiene by eating in your own pot!!!!! Okay, that's not the point. I got 2 free mini pots because I chose 2 different soup bases. Best part, their ingredients are not only fresh, it's cheaper than supermarkets. Convenience checked, price checked, quality checked! Really nothing for me to pick on. I am a lazy person and if I can bring steamboat to my home without me having to step out of my place, why. not. XD

Check out my mini pot!!!!! SO FREAKING CUTE!!! Lighting up the gel was scary tho. The flame is transparent, so dumb me tried to put my hand above the gel to check if it's actually lit. Yes, it was. It's lit. Dammit.

I actually pre-ordered the food 3 hours earlier for my dinner so it will arrive on time. It's kind of my habit to pre-order my dinner so I don't have to end up waiting over an hour when I finally get hungry. That said, Steamboat Delivery Singapore actually guarantees 1 Hours islandwide Delivery regardless of peak or not! And you get free delivery when you order above $100! The soup base are actually frozen soup, so when it arrived it was still in slushy form. Had to microwave and defrost it before pouring into my pot otherwise its one huge piece of ice stuck in the pack 8(

Pot's quality was amazing too. It's heavy kinda stainless steel pots, and the handles are not hot to touch even after boiling your soup in it. Downside is that, the flame isn't very constant. So your food may take a while to cook.

Soup base comes in 5 different flavors, Premium Collagen Soup, Sichuan Mala Soup, Tomato Soup, Pork Tonkotsu Soup and Kimchi Soup. I ordered the Tomato Soup and Premium Collagen Soup, would highly recommend their Premium Collagen, but not so much of the Tomato one. There's this really strong herbal taste to it rather than Tomato, which was kinda disappointing. Maybe if we added some actual tomatoes it'll taste better. I personally prefer soup with stronger flavor, and the Tomato Soup feels kinda lacking.

The ingredients were pretty basic but they are very, very fresh. Don't expect wagyu or black pork grade though, it's really really your basic meat hahahaha. Superb filling for 2 pax nonetheless. We couldnt finish the vegetables in the end, that's pretty much every one of us when we have steamboat right. We always avoid the greens, HAHA. It will be more value for money if you order ala-carte so you can avoid getting the ingredients you don't usually touch. You can find out more on their website: Steamboat Delivery Singapore!

If you are looking for more steamboat delivery options, do check out Best In Singapore's 8 Best Steamboat Deliver shortlist for better comparison! They also have many other interesting consolidations of food delivery services on their site, don't forget to drop a follow so you'll be able to catch their updates!

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