Klenspop Review: Grey

by - Saturday, June 27, 2015

New lens came knocking on my door last weekend hehe. Klenspop is really nice to sponsor me yet another pair of their pretty lenses for review! This time, a pair of my all time favorite color: Grey!

Comes with a free lens case and tweezer!

The Magic II Color-Grey is a 13.8MM lens, which is the same as your usual Freshkon/Freshlook colored lenses, so no worries about looking weird in it because it doesn't really mega zoom your iris. I know how some lenses are sooooooo freaking huge, you can't head out with even the slightest make-up. You'll have to put on heavy eye make-up because if you don't, you'll look like an alien with zero eye white, and non-existence eye lash.

I'm not even kidding!! My ex-boyfriend's younger sister looked like that when I first met her. It was scary.......

I wouldn't say these are extremely natural looking because it has that black rim around it. And natural eyes don't have black rims like these. Plus side is that the rims are not ultra thick because lenses with ultra thick black rims will look extremely unnatural!

Like most circle lens, that black rim helps give off an illusion that you have really huge doll eyes! Of course not the exaggerated kind. XD

But the Magic II Color-Grey actually enhances your eyes making them look more lively with it's design.

Again, the lenses are really comfortable and soft. It feels as if it doesn't exist at all when I wear them. Though I read another blogger's review stating she could feel it in her eyes all the time.... I personally feel that everyone's eye shape and sizes are different. If you have single eye lid, you would probably feel it there all the time because your eyes are smaller? Idk, don't quote me, I'm just spouting nonsense, hahahahahha

What I love best about the lenses is that, it doesn't dry up easily and I can go on wearing it for over 12 hours and I wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Same as the very first pair they gave me, I am still wearing them now!

Klenspop is Korea based. So all the lenses will be shipped out from Korea!
They even ship to US and Europe region, just check with them your area code, they will help you with the shipping details!
Payment by Paypal or Eximbay, safe and convenient too. So no worries on that!

Forgot to mention, Klenspop is also extremely efficient. I receive my lenses just 5 days after ordering!
I still have lenses with this random supplier my friend introduced me, which I ordered somewhere back in March.......? Yep, it is still with her apparently. Wtf it's almost July!!

And a few shot without flash. You can tell how natural it looks from the photos! No additional enhancement except color correction because the photo was really yellow. Unless you pay extra attention, I honestly don't think anyone would realize I am wearing contact lens. Because my colleague didn't, hahahahaha!

Klenspop is having an ongoing promotion right now, where you order above $80, you get your shipping free! Of course, EMS is always a safer choice. You get to track your package and it arrives 2 times faster!

Get your eyes ready for your new school semester! Nope, no discount for quoting my name, XP
I mean... Their lenses are actually really cheap and affordable! Like omg, the woman that I ordered from charged me $28. That was before I found out about Klenspop.

I don't think the lenses will reach me anytime soon, or maybe it wouldn't even reach me. T_T Fml......
Please always buy from authorized sellers and not weird random teenager that holds PREORDERS It's bullshit.

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