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It’s a different kind of pizza day with the fam! I was asked by the nice people at Best In Singapore to do a review on Pizza Delivery Singapore. I’ll be real frank with you, the only pizzas I’ve ever ordered from were the 2 pizza giant. And I’ve never tried out any other because I don’t exactly pizza often enough to know much about pizza delivery availability in Singapore. And to my surprise, there are actually THIS MANY options to chose from in case you get your order rejected from all that you’ve already known. Yes, that’s what annoy me the most when it comes to delivery. ”The restaurant can’t accept your request right now due to overwhelming order.”


Anyway! I’ve tried out Pizza Delivery Singapore this time with my family, and I must say the response has been very positive.

Though we have to place order in advanced, I would honestly rather expect my delivery at a certain time than to have delays and my pizzas arrive in terrible state. I ordered 4 pizzas and a couple of side dishes to go along with for our pizza party! They have 2 pizzas for the price of 1 going on right now, so it helped me save a lot while getting enough food for 7 pax!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Bolognese Pizza

Seafood Pizza

Hawaii Pizza

Honey Mustard Prawn, Crispy Chicken Wing, Mozarella Stick, Fish Finger

The husband is not quite the fan, but my parents and cousins had plenty of praises for the pizzas! Cousin was constantly asking where did I get these, how much is it and stuff. Pricing is actually pretty affordable with their 1-for-1 deal, but their snackies is on the steeper side. They have pasta too, which I did not get to try because I obviously ordered way too many pizzas. For the price of the sides I ordered though, is enough to get me 2 more pasta mains.

Crowd's favorite: Crispy Chicken Wing, Honey Mustard Prawn

Mozarella Stick, Fish Finger

Lots of love for the Crispy Chicken(from me too!), but not so much for the breaded prawn and the other snackies. Would have tried the prawns if I was able to take seafood though. I recently developed a habit of ordering food I cannot eat, just to see people enjoy eating them. Hahahaha. The sauces on the other hand, were amazing. Probably not their in-house, but what's fast food without mayo and honey mustard sauce. Now that I know, the next time I order, I'll get myself more Crispy Chickys. Hahahaha.

Would 101% order again because my family loves them! Thank you so much Best In Singapore for great recommendation once again! Do follow Best In Singapore up and check them out for more recommendations from lifestyle to food, to everything under the sun! And also, when all else fails, don't forget there's still Pizza Delivery Singapore. Have a great weekend!

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