Sunshiney love from LOVELYHUASHOP!

by - Tuesday, June 16, 2020

I've always been blessed with amazing people sending love into my life. It's momsie and my birthday this coming weekend (our birthdays are two days apart), as well as Father's Day! It's how we've been celebrating for the past 28 years of my life, eventful third week of June! This year's a tat bit special because Lovely Hua Shop had actually sent over a box of love for our special occasion!

Lovely Hua Shop is a home-based eCommerce florist with extremely affordable price and fresh flowers! They have so many options to chose from, I was legit spoilt for choice. They have really pretty Pink Gerberas which you don't often see at other florists?! They also had really cute cotton box bouquet but I can't just chose what I think is cute, so I ended up going for the sunflower boxy. Also because I REEEEAALLY love sunflowers!!

The bouquet came exactly the way it should! So if you are worry about the saga that went on during Valentine's Day with some other florists, rest assure because at Lovely Hua Shop, they strive to deliver their bouquets on time and in good condition! (Funfact: They had successfully delivered more than a hundred orders during this year's Valentine's Day despite being only a home-based florist!) The nice people at Lovely Hua Shop also believes that everyone deserves a bouquet that looks exactly like what they ordered. I honestly cannot imagine the disappointment people felt when they received a bouquet that looks different, :(

Accompanied with two cute pink roses, I was greeted with a whole box of sunshine and sweetness when I opened my door. Mom was surprised because it came early, hahaha. Well, better early than late!

You can make your purchases over at their website, and checkout reviews from customers at their Carousell, or on their Facebook Page. They even have snack bouquet, hahahahhaha (real cute!)

It's Father's Day this weekend! How about getting a bouquet for your daddy? I feel like people don't usually give men flowers because it's too girly or something, hahhaha but hey men deserves flowers too! Do check out Lovely Hua Shop because their prices are really extremely reasonable and affordable. Mostly priced below S$50! (I was shookth-)
Lovely Hua Shop still operates as per normal during this Circuit Breaker period, don't worry about not being able to get your flowers. Stay safe this Covid period, everyone!

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  1. Nice post and lovely flowers.. so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!


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