The Peranakan: KUEH KUEHS!

by - Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Hello Sayang!

Satisfying my sweet tooth with kueh kuehs from The Peranakan! Idk about you but I've always been a fan of Peranakan kuehs, especially the colorful chewy kueh lapis, the one with 9 colors yknow. Chinese call it the Jiu Ceng Gao. I remember chasing my grandma around the our family shop when I was younger just to get her to buy me the kueh kueh from the bakery behind our shop, hahahaha.

Nice people at The Peranakan had sent over boxes of kuehkueh over my birthday to let me try them. Okay I am definitely not a sweet tooth, but you know how people get cravings, hahaha. And I am a fan of kueh lapis, so when they say it's Nyonya Kuehs, my mouth started salivating so much I did not say no. (HAHA, shameless)

What I absolutely hate about writing food review is reminiscing on the taste and get insane cravings again. Now I really want me some Kueh Lapis and Kueh Bakar. Pulut Seri Kaya is also one of my other favorite which is included in their magical box of peranakan kueh kuehs, mehehe.

The kueh kuehs are not only fragrant, they're also very chewy. What I loved the most is the QQ texture, and tearing of the kueh lapis layer by layer. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this?? Hahahahaha

The set of kueh kueh also comes with 2 cups of Melacca Bubble Milk Tea, not only can you enjoy kueh kuehs, you can also satisfy your BBT crave!!!!!!!

What surprised me the most is their signature Apom Bokwa and Durian Pengat. You see, I am not a fan of durian, so when they mentioned to me they have Durian Pengat, I didn't actually register it into my head... So when I received it and open up the box, I WAS SHOOKTH. The Durian Pengat smell hits your nose instantly, trust me you will not hesitate to sink your fingers into the tub and hurry lick it. It's sweet, it's thick, and it's addictive. (Very very heaty, so please remember to drink more water!)

All of these at ONLY S$38, inclusive of FREE DELIVERY!
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