5 Reasons to love Sudio True Wireless Earphones ft. Sudio ETT!

by - Wednesday, May 06, 2020

I've been collaborating with Sudio for a while now, having used their audio gadgets since Sudio Tre. Also had the honor to try out all of their true wireless series since their very first launch, Sudio Niva back in 2018! To be frank, I wasn't really a fan of wireless earbuds before I got my first pair of Sudio true wireless earphones. I wasn't exactly a believer of wireless audio gadgets because I was always afraid of the delays and obviously losing a side of it. Especially with my long hair, tragus stud and my clumsy nature, I was always afraid of losing my expensive earbuds, hahaha. But with Sudio's amazing fit, I no longer need to worry about this.

I've been a fan of Sudio true wireless earphones ever since I tried out their past models. And again, the Sudio ETT did not disappoint! Known for their signature sleek design with premium audio quality, the ETT comes with a major upgrade this time with Active Noise Cancellation and Wireless Charging. I'll touch more on that later on because I wanna rave a little about their color options for this model, so here's 5 reasons why I really love Sudio's earphones!

#1 Their sleek design and colors

Chose something darker this time for a change. I had the previous two models in white (because I am basic af, HAHA. And passed the Blue one to my husband), but I was awed when I saw the Navy green one for Sudio ETT series! Wish my photos did more justice to their crazy sleek design, but my camera had been in a cranky mode these days, sigh. So here's some really hi-res shot of the other color options they have!

Look at that pretty pastel pink!
Photo cr: sudio.com

#2 Insane battery life!

This isn't just from me, but all my friends who are using Sudio Wireless earphones swear their loyalty to Sudio's insane battery life. This is one of the ultimate reason why my friends kept upgrading their Sudios.

With 6 hours play time, 4 hours with Active Noise Cancellation. The total battery life goes up to 30 hours and is able to carry 4 extra charges with the carrying case. Bruh, this is a 10 hours upgrade from their predecessor, Sudio FEM. Here comes the best part: Sudio ETT comes with wireless charging features and USB-C fast-charging function! (Only 15 mins charging time for 1 hour play time. How are you not sold yet.)

#3 It's Splash Proof!

Exercise? No sweat, literally. With Sudio ETT's IPX 5 water protection designed to handle all kinds of condition, you do not need to worry about perspiration or getting drenched in the rain. As I've always say, it is sweat proof, rain proof, and splash proof! Note: It is NOT water proof, do not try soaking it in water.

#4 Epic microphones and Transparency mode along with clear sound quality.

This is definitely a concern for me because when I do my streams, I'd need a proper microphone that doesn't pick up white noise, has to be consistent and definitely not something that I have to hold to my mouth like a mouthpiece all the time. Sudio ETT has dual-microphone with transparency mode activated during phone calls for enhanced sound quality. I don't know how useful is this with 全名Party, let me give it a try and I'll let you know, xD

The thing about Sudio is probably their sound quality consistency. I realize how every new models has a slight sound difference. I don't really know how to explain this to you, but Sudio ETT has a fully sound compared to their predecessor, Sudio FEM. Also with their new Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) function, Sudio ETT is perfect for your daily commutes and online meetings. It cancels out the white noise and while retaining your music quality. (Please not that it does not fix bad sound quality uploaded onto websites such as YouTube.) It's kinda like how you play a soothing Beethoven while watching the world burn. Escapade done right. Sayonara chaos.

#5 Automatic pairing

Need I say more? Who's annoyed with pairing your damned phone to the speakers or earpiece all the time? Hands up.

It's freaking annoying how I try to turn on music to only realize, "Oops, I did not pair my earphones." Sometimes I just wanna secretly play some songs to avoid the chatters and complaints you know. Can't you let me do it discreetly! Okay, I don't wanna be reminded of that one time this happened, lel. Not gonna happen again because I upgraded to Sudio True Wireless, HAHA.

Okay, okay. I'll cut to the chase. Here's the part you guys been waiting for; Sudio comes with 18-months International Warranty, and FREE Worldwide Shipping up to your doorsteps! This part of them has never changed since the first time I collaborated with them. Love it.

You also get an exclusive Sudio tote bag for free with every purchase from sudio.com from now until the end of July, or while stock lasts.

Get 15% OFF your bill with this Sudio discount code: "vivianEtt"

Hop on #teamSudio if you haven't!

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