Floral Garage Singapore: DIY Flower Vase

by - Monday, January 09, 2017

I received the first rose of my life last week from Floral Garage Singapore in celebration of their launch of new products! It's quite sad to know how I only got my first rose at the age of 25, LOL. Most of my friends argue that I don't suit flowers, so I don't get any during my graduation or birthdays. Actually I don't really receive much presents during my birthdays in the first place(?!)

I'd be really honest with you though, which girl doesn't like flowers?

As much as girls always say... Don't waste money, flowers don't last and whatnot.... Hahahaha, they are still girls alright.

Anyway, the gift came in a little special. I did not receive the usual bouquet, instead I got it in a form of a DIY basket!

The basket came with 5 roses and a bunch of baby's breath, a glass vase, ribbons for decorations, flower food and fairy lights!
Basically what you do with all these is to decorate your own flower vase by glueing the ribbons to the vase in whatever way you want!

I am not exactly a very creative person la.. so I simply went for tied bows. Ribbons are meant to tie bows what?!
Tiffie came over that day, so I got her to help me with it. I am extremely terrible with tying a nice perfect bow to be honest hahahhaa.

Just look at how pretty she made it!!! I got a little bit obsessed with tying bows after that, and ended up sticking a lot of ribbons all over the vase. It looked hideous...... thus I removed all of it and decided to just wrap it with the remaining ribbons I have left, XD

Finishing touch!
Cut away the extra ends, and ta-dah! Simple and nice, hehehe.

This is my final results, now it's time to trim my flowers and fill them up into my vase!

Once you've trimmed the flowers, fill your vase with water and flower food, now you are all ready to put your flowers in!
This is my favorite part, 8D

The roses are not bloom when it comes. Give it a few days, and you'll see really nice blooms on your vase!

I don't know why, but it feels so exciting to decorate your own pot of flowers. You know that sense of achievement when nice blooms come together with nice vibrant colors.... Hehehehe

I had so much fun trimming my own flowers and setting up my own vase. But I'm a tat bit sad tho, because the flowers will still wither after some time. Then again, knowing my personality, I'm not the kind that can settle with one look for long. Hahahaha. Will probably end up replacing it with many different type of flowers every 2 weeks HAHAHA.


Here's 3 days after the vase was set up! Look at all the roses!! So beautifully bloomed!

With the year passing so quickly, it's gonna be Valentine's Day in just a blink of an eye. This could be an amazing gift idea for you and your other halves if you want to do something different!

Floral Garage Storage is having 20% storewide discount for this Valentine's! In addition, they are holding a Facebook contest and giving away a bouquet of 99 roses, and the first 350 customers will receive free macarons!

Get 20% storewide discount on their Floral Garage Shop for orders before 25th January!

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Happy Valentine's in advance!

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