Hello 2017.

by - Monday, January 02, 2017

2017 started off with a blast. Legit blast. I did not even think that school would be so overwhelming starting on the very first week. I ended my internship on New Year's Eve, to be really honest with you, I dreaded going to work on my very last week there because I really think I should treat my body better and give it more rest. And then I went pass my New Year weekend just like that, with a simple dinner out with Kimmy and BAM!, back to school again.

When people tell you that you'd miss school once you start working, trust me, that's a lie. True that I missed school, but I missed being in a Secondary School, wearing uniform, doing assessments and mugging for my prelims everyday. You know, at least I don't have to worry about what to wear every day, what do I eat for lunch, what drama is gonna happen today in school..... Not like there isn't any office politics though. Ah, I can't make up my mind dammit.

Anyway, with the arrival of 2017, I could feel the quarter life crisis sinking in. I didn't use to worry so much about my life like I am right now. I didn't think there would be another chance for me to regret the things I've chose to do. And the worst? I didn't think I will be back to those days where I was a lost kid trying to find my aim in life. Very frankly though, I didn't exactly know what is quarter life crisis all about until I read this thoughtcatalogue article the other day on Facebook.

Now that we've welcomed the New Year, in just a couple more months, it'll be Valentine's. And then White Valentine's. Then the April's Fool, followed by major June holidays..... Time sure flies. Most importantly, I just want my year ti end as soon as possible. What the heck Vivian, the year has barely started(?!)

Guess I'm just super excited to graduate lah, ah? I'm in my last lap now, don't think I would further up my studies to masters. It's pretty redundant for the industry I am in. Alright, guess I'd stop here now. I wanted to do a summary for 2016, but then I realized this goldfish brain of mine can't really remember what went on throughout the entire year. Sigh, I really need to start recording stuff from now on.

Happy New Year everyone, have a great 2017 ahead!

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