JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

by - Friday, February 06, 2015

Wazzuppppp peeepo. I am back with another gadget review, hahahaha. Sorry that I haven't been doing this. Too poor to shop for gadgets now, XD

Just recently, JBL had given me a set of their Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio to review! *Three cheers: Wooohoooohooooo!

I was super stoked because JBL is well known for their kick ass monitor speakers. So awesome even bars around Singapore uses them for their LIVE sound/stage set-up! 8D And I fell even more in love after shopping for speakers with Ryan the other time hehehehe.

My first impression? Spaceship. HAHAHAHAHA. I really like the monochrome design!

The extremely nice mirror LCD display that would automatically adjust it's brightness to suit your room's lighting, surrounded by speakers that will fill your room with good stereo sound. It does get slightly distorted at top volume, but it is loud enough at it's minimal to be honest. And the sound produced is really clear, so do note that badly recorded audio tracks will also sound extremely clear on the speakers too, :x

The display also shows your day, and date, helps you keep track of your days when you get too busy. Pretty convenient for a bed-side clock!

Here we have the 3 main function of this Radio Clock!
You have the "FM" for you to set the radio station that you want, and then the "Bluetooth" logo, where you can connect your phone or laptop to the wireless speakers for parties and convenience!

The last "Moon" button is a sleep function where you can set your timer, and let your music play until you fall asleep, and then it would turn off on its own!

One of the functions I love best about the Horizon. Because I would turn on music to sleep sometimes, but I will have to get up and turn it off right before I think I will fall asleep. But most of the time, I end up staying awake for an even longer period. x(

On the other side of the speakers is dual alarm clock for you and your partner! Meaning, you can set 2 alarms, don't have to get up and reset it again! They also have different tones to chose from, hahaha. Quite an efficient function, I feel. Because I heavily rely on alarm clocks to get up, and sometimes I will set 2 different timing so I don't over sleep. But bad point is that, I get so tired, I end up forgetting to charge my phone, so sometimes I will miss my alarm if my phone shuts down.

Always good to have a separate gadget specially for alarms!

And here you have the snoozeeeeeeeee! You can set your preferred interval for you snooze.

The speakers also comes with a ring LED ambient light that lights up slowly. So as to wake you up gently from your sleep without blinding your eyes early in the morning when you wake up!

The JBL Horizon Radio Clock is available in black, and white, so it can easily fit in your room or anywhere in your house atheistically regardless the color of your space, which is awesome because it is really versatile!

It's also not too bulky... quite a bit of weight there though. But the weight made it really sturdy and doesn't topple easily.

For a standalone speaker, this one is actually pretty decent! You can easily find them at Harvey Norman, Digital Style and Nubox, and Lazada.sg. You can follow up on their stuff @ their Facebook page, JBL Singapore.

Alright! Anyway! Here is the best part of most of my blog posts, hahahahaha.
Stand a chance to win yourself a JBL Horizon Bluetooth Radio Clock by just answering this question!!

"Where can you purchase the JBL Horizon?"

Send in your answers to: jblsingapore@gmail.com with the following particulars!

- Name
- Contact No.
- Answer

Really simple right?!

The contest closes at the end of March and the results will be announced on the first week of April, good luck everyone!

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