Komachi Hair Cult - Keratin Protein Treatment

by - Monday, February 09, 2015

Headed over to Komachi to get my hair some intense treatment! Like really really really intense treatment! The Keratin Protein Treatment!!! Hohoho. 8D

I've heard how awesome Keratin Treatment is but never once tried before hahaha. So Miko say she'll let me try but it is an extremely long process of 4 hours. Sit until ass mould really........ But the results? WORTH IT.

She started off cleansing with the keratin shampoo. To remove all residue off the hair before starting with the protein treatment! Deep deep cleansing x 2.

Protein treatment cream!!

The bad thing about this treatment is, A LOT of waiting time. So if you're thinking of doing Keratin Treatment, bring along your gadgets to watch a drama or something, they have free wifi @ Komachi! Hahahaha.

There are even beverages. Actually they would ask you what you wanna drink the moment you sit down. I went early in the morning at 10am la. Super hungry..... So they gave me milo and crackers hehehehehehe. I feel like a bloody glutton seriously. Wherever I go, I eat and eat and eat. @@"


After shampooing, I became the chair warmer for 45 minutes. The protein treatment was smeared all over on my head waiting to set in! It was a super loonnnnggggg process of waiting.......... but I could feel my hair instantly becoming smooth! Like suddenly become tangle free. How is this even possible(?!)

Anyway, drama while waiting. XD

After 45 mins, I took a quick rinse to rinse off the excess, and then went for a blow dry before moving onto the second main step.

Here comes the amazing part. Idk what science went on here, but after you iron the hair, all the chemical magically disappears and gets absorb into your cuticle! Your hair would then suddenly become super duper soft and smooth like you just got rebonding. Like...... Hmm, the healthy rebonding!!

See howwwwww shiny this is!

I came in with a bed head can. Haahahahhahahaa.

After all the ironing, I thought it was all over, but noooooo. Have to go for another rinse before blow drying again for the final look.

And then finish up with the some hair oil!

All that trouble for shiny smooth hair! Weetssss.

WAHLLLAAAHHHHH!!!! Super happy cause I don't have to get up extra early anymore just to blow/style my hair hahahahahaha. More time for sleep, means more chances for happier Vivian, XD

Anyway..... Here are a few existing promotions @ Komachi Hair Cult!

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Ps: Nice, smooth hair for CNY! Weeeeeeeeeee.

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