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by - Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{ S P O N S O R E D }

Finally found time to visit my nail sponsor, The Nail Culture!

Actually I visited them 2 weeks ago, but I've been too busy to update my blog. You know la, I fell sick, and sprained an ankle and all. I am now trying super hard to catch up with school work, I don't really have time to do anything else T_T.....

But the nails still look as good as new okay.

Anyway... I've never been too fond of visiting nail parlours and have people doing my nails for me. Reason being, I grew up with a manicurist(Parent's friend) and she never fail to have tools with her everywhere she go. So she would paint my nails and do manicure for me as a kid, hahahhaa.

Then there was once, my obsessed classmate decided to drag me to a nail parlour with her somewhere along bugis street, lv 2, and my experience was simply horrendous. I paid $10 to feel pain la, wtf!! I have since then spare myself from experiencing another horrific experience until I found The Nail Culture and decided to give them a try. Yes, you could say this is my first experience with a professional nail salon!

The visit delayed almost 2 months because my schedule had been crazy pack. But Im so glad the people there were so nice despite me being so troublesome. I even got lost on my way there and was late for an hour, horrible customer V. Thank goodness they didn't chase me out and were still really nice to me, hahahahaha.

Walked in to a super nice and cosy place!

Look at their wide selection of colours!! My manicurist also showed me their nail art collection. They have sooooo many designs I am spoilt for choice, 8D

I ended up choosing my favourite nautical theme, and then told her what I want for my design hahaha.

She then started off dipping my fingers into some softening agent, and then trim my fingernails and all the disgusting dead skin. I hate how my cuticle always has that extra few millimetres on my nails due to lack of maintenance, ugh.

Then I got a full hand scrub, (up till your elbows), and super shiok hand massage!

The scrub helps to soften your skin, as well as remove all dead skin and make your hands feel baby smooth after that. After she is done with the scrub, my manicurist topped it up with coconut oil! Sounds like eating dessert... But, but... The coconut oil smells soooooooo nice, it really feels like you're eating dessert! 8D

Tadahhh! Look at how well trimmed it is!!

I play guitar, so my nails have to be short. Now, now, who says guitarist cannot have nice nails!!

Once the cleaning up of palate is done, we can finally start on the nail art! Woohooo.
Like facial, you get rid of all the impurities first, before starting with treatment!

Suagu spotted. This is my first time seeing this machine. First time doing gel nails as well, hahahah xD.....
I was told that gel nail polish dries up almost immediately the moment it comes in contact with UV light. How freaking cool is that!?

Then I had layers and layers of protection polish on before she start to put on the base coat, base color, nail design, top coat, top protection layer, so many to name I was pretty lost as of what she was doing, XD

But I told my manicurist I wanted gold with black prints on, also explained how I wanted the lines to be alternate and stuff..... Super troublesome ah me. I thought it will turn out ugly since my impression of gold color is extremely dark and black usually cannot stand out one... But she told me it will be alright, so I trusted her and..... it turned out freaking chio!

Pardon the wrinkly hand hahahahahahhahaa
Isn't this pretty?! I even have that small little crystal on my anchor, omg. I have never been this satisfied with my nails before, not even lying. I could stare at the nail art all day just watching how the gold base glistens under the light. And it isn't even thick at all!!
I've seen my friends do gel nail/3D nail art, it turned out so freaking thick and ugly I have no idea how they can ever live with that. And they pay over $70 for those, #siao. I'd rather take that money and go to some good quality nail parlours!

Another shot under sunlight! Daaaammmmnnnnnnnn prettyyyyy!!!!!

Can't wait for my next visit. Maybe I'll get myself some pretty silver nails for Valentine's Day haha. It will also be Michelle's ROM day! So egggciteddddd, hehehehe.

And, not forgetting my awesome readers!! Quote "Vivian55" to enjoy the same treatment as me!

Pamper yourself to NAIL CULTURE Pedicure + Manicure + SPA RITUAL Treatment at $55 only!

NAIL CULTURE is located at 42 Zion Road (Opposite Great World City)!
Contact: 6836 3303 (Call for appointment)

Thank you so much The Nail Culture!!

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