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by - Saturday, January 31, 2015

I finally got to dye my hair purple after waiting for 2 months. Tried booking appointment a couple of times previously, but didn't managed to have anything done to my hair. Which is pretty sad. Because half of my hair is bleached, and I am unable to rebond or do anything else except for color abuse. You know bleached hair + rebond = fried and broken ends? :(

Having bleached into dirty yellow/orange blonde, I can't wait to get myself some crazy colors, since I cannot rebond and make my hair look silky straight/frizz free. Like, since I cannot make it look healthy, might as well abuse all the way right?! Best part about bleached hair, you get to have brighter hair colors! 8D


My friends say I became more bimbotic after turning blonde. I know it doesn't work that way, but I shall chose to believe the moment the blonde hair is gone, I will become smarter. HAHAHHAHAHA.

So I dropped by Komachi Hair Cult at International Building Orchard after school that day. Greeted by their usual amazingly chio chandelier. Komachi is actually Naoki Yoshihara by Ash's new outlet. They are the same actually, but still undergoing some changes. Wait till they evolve, 8D

Alright, let's get it on!

As mentioned, I wanted purple. Considering my double bleached head, I can easily get a purple head using semi-permanent hair dyes. Soooo I was supppperrrrrr eggcited. But when I arrived at the new salon, they don't have that color for me. *Mad depressed. So I settled with something I thought was slightly darker....

Stupid face because waiting.

Miko gave me a scalp treatment after colouring.
I feel like it is installing all the knowledge I lost while being blonde, hahahahhaha.

And then she sprayed this scalp air-con on my head. SUPER COOLING PLEASE. Made my scalp feels clean, but shine as hell too.

And here we have it!

Final color before hair dry.

Didn't think it'd be this dark, :( Had I known, I'd rather go for a bright red than this black-purple, T_T So I basically wasted my horribly damaged bleached ends for a color my hair would grow out into. I was uber depressed, but ok la... The color is nice, just that I don't want to waste my bleached hair away. Still doesn't change the fact I cannot rebond my head just in case my hair breaks into million pieces because of the bleached areas. YES EVEN THOUGH IT IS BLACK NOW, fml.)

Okay la, the outcome is not too bad. But just not the color I was expecting. This is way too dark for me to dye any crazy colors now, :'( And I cannot afford to bleach my hair again.... :'(

BUT I AM SUPER DETERMINED TO GET MYSELF SOME PURPLE MANE. So here's a photoshopped version, hahahaha.

You will probably see a lot of photoshopped hair color photos from now on, hahaha. Don't judge!!
Okay book your appointment with Komachi if you wanna get your hair done for CNY/Valentine's Day. Limited slots so book early!

Komachi The Hair Cult
360 Orchard Road
International Building
Singapore 238869

Tel: 6339 9432

Ok, byebye

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