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by - Thursday, January 29, 2015

{ S P O N S O R E D }

Yayyyy! It's BLACKBOX time again!! Always super excited whenever I receive one. I've always loveeeeeee surprises. This time, I received the Stroke of Beauty exclusive box. But I am exceptionally happy because....... It consists of all my favourite brands!!


- Travel-size Tsubaki Shining Shampoo and Conditioner
- Tsubaki Hair Oil

- Perfect Watery Oil
- Perfect Whip
- Whitening Lotion

- Double-faced Liquid Film Eyeliner

These are products I've been using since yearrrrrs ago when I was around 17. Like literally swear on them kind of products. Especially products from Shiseido line... I'm a total Shiseido fan la. Coincidentally, SENKA &Majolica Majorca are both part of Shiseido too!! But I have stopped purchasing them since about a year ago because I had been receiving way too many samples and I really don't wanna waste them.

I am still using my TSUBAKI Haircare and SENKA moisturising lotion though! The box I received are a different range from the same brands!

For example...... These bunch of Tsubaki products! I am currently using the white colored bottle series, for damage care because I fry my hair a lot. It is extremely sad because my current hair color is freaking ugly and my bleached part are all gone, I can't do anything crazy anymore, pffts......
But anyway. Thank goddess for Tsubaki hair care series. They always make my hair feels extremely soft and smooth despite all the crazy hair abusing stunts I do all the time. (Especially before the hair sponsor found me. I change my hair color once every 2 weeks, 8D)

Best part of Tsubaki Haircare is that, they smell extremely nice!! Plus it leave your scalp feeling refreshed every time after showering. After towel dry, apply the Hair Oil and then blow dry your hair, and you could expect tangle and frizz-free, smooth .... shiny hair! Quoted from my mom ah. She loves the hair oil, hahahahaha.

Following up is the SENKA Perfect Watery Oil.

Before I got lazy and switched to Bifesta Cleansing Express Non-rinse make-up remover, I was using this because this is really really good! It cleans off every single tinge of impurities from your face, not just make-up! The Perfect Watery Oil is super efficient with stubborn waterproof mascara especially. One wipe, and it's all gone! Best part, just rinse off after that, cleanse once and you're all done! Don't need double cleanse at all! Hahahaha, but I'm on #teamLazy right now.... Like SENKA's make-up remover isn't efficient enough..... :x

Cause sometimes I end work super late, I just want to snooze asap. So I use Bifesta Cleansing Express, don't need rinse LOL. Don't judge. I still do wash my face ok.

It's my first time trying the SENKA Perfect Whip though!

I thought it's super cool because a small amount of the whip can create a darn huge amount of lather. The feeling is like whipping egg white hahahaha. Then you get the ultra thick and boing boing foam, 8D ......

It leaves my skin super smooth and soft I cannot stop touching it. I got this really bad habit of poking my cheek after I use good cleansers, hahaha. SENKA Perfect Whip is now one of the few on my list, XD Good and affordable, at only $12.90!! (Whattttt?!)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!! THISSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

SENKA Whitening Lotion!!!!!!!!!

I loooveeee their Lotion! I've been an avid fan ever since I got their first sample. It penetrates the skin instantly, and locks the moisture in my skin, leaving it well hydrated and smooth! I even bought myself 2 bottles the other time during Watsons sales hahahaa. But I am not using the Whitening series, I am using the Moisturising series!

Still have one bottle full, unopened. Hahahaha. Note: Not sponsored/Not included in BLACKBOX

I gave my mom the whitening lotion because I have the moisturising one for myself! And my mom loves it. She says the lotion helps brighten her complexion! When mom's happy, everything else doesn't matter anymore, hahahahahaha.

Majolica Majorca Line Hunter

The first eye liner I bought when I was still a rebellious teenager was the Majolica Majorca's Perfect Automatic liner! And I had been using it ever since. This is my first time trying the Line Hunter eyeliner, it is pretty sheer I'd say! Though it goes on easily.... I personally prefer darker liners so it doesn't look smudged. My eyelids also tend to be slightly more oily, so the Perfect Automatic eyeliner usually fades off after a while. But the Line Hunter managed to last me through the day!

The angle brush is also good for application and gives off really nice and sharp ending. You can create any kind of lines you want conveniently with it!

I guess the sheerness does give off a natural look, hahaha.

You may purchase the Stroke of Beauty Exclusive Box on the BlackBox E-store @ only $29.90!
There is also an ongoing promotion for Valentine's Day! With every purchase of any Exclusive box, you will also be able to get a "For Him Pack" for free! Well, the girls shop, the guys has to get some stuff too. Since it's Valentineeeee's!

Additionally, quote "BBXVEEV10" FOR 10% off all exclusive boxes! Weeeeeee ~

Oh, oh! Not forgetting...... BLACKBOX has graciously given me 3 extra boxes to giveaway to my readers/followers!

All you have to do is:

. Follow @BlackBoxsg and @Veeviisme on Instagram
. Comment on the photo why should you win!

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