Sick again

by - Friday, January 23, 2015

Before I start whining about how bad driving and school is, I first need to apologise to all my managers and sponsors about the delay in delivering the blog posts. I had been extremely sick since last Sunday(11 January 2015) when my sore throat first kicked in. I thought I would be fine like I usually do after a few days so I didn't really bother much about it, but who knows, sore throat got worse by Wednesday. I was on the verge of losing my voice then and I was too busy to see a doctor.

Semester just started, so we are in midst of choosing the teams to work with and meetings with the neighbouring course for our next upcoming project. So I cannot afford to miss school. Then came the open house on Friday/Saturday(16/17 January), I officially lost my voice and then got attacked by the flu bug.

Sunday, clinic close.
Monday, I had an important meeting at 10AM, can't skip school.
Tuesday, I had driving lessons at 12PM until somewhere 3 and then school at 4PM afterwards, can't skip either, and polyclinic closes at 3:30PM.

Wednesday, driving at 7:30AM, school at 1PM, hair appointment at 4PM. Yep, can't skip any of those for doctors either.

And finally, the holy Thursday where I have school for 10hours, from 10AM to 9PM. Okay la, minus 4 hours break time. I am so glad I actually skipped school today because my head hurts like a stupid bitch and my vision was spinning like a roulette. I swear I could have fainted. I think my flu took for the worst after yesterday because I woke up wayyyyy too early and got drenched in the sudden rain. And nope, no doctor today either because I was too weak to move.

I am most probably gonna skip school tomorrow to see a doctor because I am at my limits. I finally collapsed after trying to be a superhuman for a couple of weeks. Weak immune system is the price I had to pay for my insane healing rate. Okay that doesn't make any sense. But it is surprising how cut heals insanely fast on me, but when it comes to flu and fever, I can go on sick for more than 3 weeks. And I fall sick super easily. Probably because I hate oranges or anything with Vitamin C/Citrus (Ew).

A shot from the day I attended The Entertainer launch event last Tuesday when I was only a little bit sick. Hehe.

I have like over 6 pending post to write and none of them are close to completion. And the deadline is more or less end of this month. To be honest, I really have no idea how am I gonna get all of them done considering my current state of health. I am still feeling extremely groggy, accompanied with horrendous headache and mucus/phlegm filled respiratory system.... With nobody taking care of me, and unable to visit the doctor on my own without collapsing under the scorching hot sun. Don't tell me to visit private doctors, Polyclinic itself is expensive enough!! I used to pay $5 as a student, then it increased to $10... Now as a normal adult, I had to pay $17 including medication. Wahlao, I am jobless leh. :'(


Did I mention how much I hate to drive? Okay la, maybe I don't hate to drive. I actually like cars and speed a lot.... But the main point of getting a driving license now makes me freaking sad and annoyed. I used to be super excited about getting a driving license back when I was 17 turning 18. 1 month after I turned 18, I took my BTT and passed. And went on trying to get FTT and went for like a couple of private driving lessons after that. Then I stopped, because school started.

After I graduated from ITE, I went back to BBDC and tried taking my driving license again. Which pretty much sums up to me already knowing how to operate a car and get it moving. Then, I suddenly stopped again because the private instructor suck. Until recently, my mom decided to be an annoying naggy parrot asking me to get my driving license because she is super busy with work and she cannot drive my relatives around.

You see, the main problem here is that.... I live next to my grandparents. And my relative likes to ask my mom to chauffeur them around. So mom is now super busy, don't even mention my dad, I don't even get to see him much myself. I'm home late, so he is asleep most of the time, and he heads out early... Mom decided it is time to pass down her duty to me(Because she thinks I am super free and that my school is practically non-existent)


Tbh, my timetable is crazy pack enough due to our projects. This term, we are given 2 projects at the same time, which is ridiculous because they both have the same amount of deadline. And what's worst, other modules are not anywhere better since we are still required to produce short films here and there. Considering our timetable, and other commitments.... Where got time?! AND I STILL NEED TO GET MY BLOODY DRIVING LICENSE. Now I start, I cannot stop. Because I will have to restart ALL OVER AGAIN if I stop. UGH.

So I went for driving yesterday morning. And I kena this really zeebai instructor, T.S (who obviously isn't fit to be one), AGAIN. I first met him on Tuesday, on my 3rd lesson with BBDC when I was super duper sick and unfit for driving. He was super unreasonable and demanding that day, constantly screaming, Oi what you doing? Don't drag your gear, don't drag your gear. Go gear 3 already. Oiiiiii

Like what the flying fuck. It is only my 3rd bloody lesson, he expected me to master shifting gears the moment I move off. I know I started going onto the main road and jumped lessons to the part where we start doing gear 3/4 during my 2nd lesson. But he thinks I mastered it already the moment I go for my 3rd lesson?! Then he made me do lane filtering when I didn't even have any clue about what to take note while changing lanes. Then he point here point there, "Look left, look right, look in front, change gear, turn." HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ALL THAT AFTER ONLY 2 LESSONS OF DRIVING.

Another thing. He is the first dude who said my steering is bad. He kept tell me, "Follow center, fooollllooowww centerrrrrrr. Oi foollllooww centtterrrrr." This dude loves to drag his words, it is fucking annoying like trying to step one caozeebeng.
He kept asking me to keep to the center of the lane. Hello I obviously know that. But he doesn't realise that I am sitting on the right side of the car and he kept asking me to look center and drive, I WILL NATURALLY END UP LEANING TOO MUCH TO THE LEFT RIGHT? Dumb or dumber? Seriously!!

Fast forward Wednesday morning.......

I was so freaking sad to see him again in the car on Wednesday morning. Scumbag went missing and I couldn't find the car for 5 minutes. He drove to god knows where and then suddenly came back to fetch me. Well, he was nice initially. Asked me if I am feeling better. Maybe because he feels if I am feeling better, he can bring his tekan-ing to the next level.

We went out to the main road immediately once I took over the wheel. When we were outside, he made me travel new route without letting me know beforehand. I was like a headless bee, not knowing where am I heading and waiting to die. The most annoying part is that T.S didn't even look at where I am driving. He was so bloody busy with the iPad, we almost missed a turn. He told me to turn like only 10m away from the turning point. I was travelling at 60kmh, and of course too late to turn what!!! So I didn't, he pulled my steering wheel and initiate a turn. I almost ramp straight into an oncoming vehicle on the other side of the road. Good thing I jammed the brakes otherwise I'll probably be in the hospital now. HOW FUCKING RESPONSIBLE.

Another uber ridiculous situation. I think his eyes are obviously covered by stamps. I was travelling at 60kmh, because learners are not allowed to travel over 70kmh. He suddenly stepped on the brakes and shout at me saying, "EH WHY YOU GOING AT 80. WHAT YOU DOING." Then he glances over again, "Oh you going at 60. I thought you driving at 80. You know you cannot drive over 70? Learners are not supposed to drive over 70. If just now you went over 70, you will get fined and demerit points. Then when you take test will be very hard for you, you know."

Eh hello, I can learn from every other instructor but you la. You are probably the reason why we have so many unreasonable drivers on the road these days. Lousy attitude, and ridiculous driving methods. Nobody looks right in front of the vehicle while driving please. We are supposed to always look far, and not "CENTER, CEEENNNNTER, CENTER" all the way!!

Anyway. I applied to switch groups already. I hope I don't get that disgusting old fart ever again. I might still have 1 chance to kena him before my group change gets confirmed. Fuckkinggg helllll. I might just slam the doors on him and head over to the front desk to make application to switch to private again immediately. PFFTS. Did I forget to mention he got a stupid cocked-eye jiao bin? I'm serious, he looks literally like a bird. And then he has moustache that doesn't join up. Just at the sides only. Wtf la, super gross. Then he tries to rock a pair of Rayban aviator. Oh god, please.......

Anyone taking driving license at BBDC manual cars, do watch out for G6069's T. S H. You can check him out at the instructor board at the waiting hall. He usually takes car 76. Please ah, value your life. Don't let irresponsible idiots teach you and get you injured. If he wants to die, let him do it alone. Don't have him guide you to death.

Okay, I'm so done with this. I need to sleep.
Till next time, xo

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