My nose filler journey

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2017

After so many years of contemplating and envying other people, I've finally done it.
I walked straight into SL Clinic this one fine day and decided that I should just go for it. HAHAHA, I'm just kidding. I didn't just walk in like that lah, of course. You gotta book appointment and all yadah-yadah.

Anyway, hidden away at this quiet corner of WestGate, is the SL Clinic. They specializes in many different areas such as skin facial, aesthetics enhancement, and medical spa in many forms. And after many years of consideration, I've decided to go and get my nose fillers done. I'm never one that is afraid of needles, but I am extremely afraid of getting cut opened. Which pretty much made me opt for the fillers instead of nose job. Especially after hearing so many bad nose job stories, and all the after-care and maintenance that is required just to keep those plastic in check.... Good lord, I am definitely not cut out for those. I am too lazy to be owning a plastic nose bridge.

So here we go.

I went for my consultation, and had the treatment on the same day. Well, since there isn't any surgery involved, the jabs can be done the same day you go for your consultation. My doctor was very attentive to all my #badflatandugly nose concern, and provided me advices on which are the places that is suitable for me to do. The entire consultation was pretty straightforward since my nose bridge is almost non-existent, so Dr Charlene told me that she will build me a nose bridge, and then lift up my nose tip a little to make my nostril smaller, so I will look like I have a smaller nose.
I actually really want a smaller face more than a smaller nose, but to have a smaller face I'd need to go for jaw reduction. Oh hell naw, I'm too wuss for dat.

Really very scared.
Just kidding. I had to remove my make up first before putting on numbing cream for the treatment.

Dam shiok, I get to have free facial hahahaha. It was just a short cleansing and massage though, :(

I swear my nose felt like rubber after it was numbed. As in, when I touch it, because I couldn't feel anything on my nose, I have no senses to distract the feeling of my skin. My nose legit feels like some rubbery latex mask it was actually super freaky.

Tying up the fringe and getting all ready.

"Doctor, my nose feels dam weird I don't even know where am I touching anymore."

"Haha, okay let me measure the distance I need to inject. Come look straight."
Doctor Charlene is extremely composed and professional despite me being such a distracting chatterbox during the treatment hahahahaha.

This is the brand of fillers I used. Image a little bit unfocused ah, super trippy lol.

First needle in felt a little bit weird. You can actually feel the needle wiggly under your skin, but then it doesn't hurt at all. Maybe I watched too much gore, I actually felt slightly grossed out imagining how the needle was moving under the skin while getting the filler gel in place.

The entire process was almost painless. I would say it is actually painless because my pain tolerance is quite high, but the discomfort was there. It was super uncomfortable when the needle went in. BUT DOCTOR CHARLENE IS SO GENTLE???!

Actually I also discovered, the less tensed you are, the more comfortable you'd feel. I know, I know.... It's hard to relax with a needle wriggling all over, but try your best if you are gonna get fillers kay!

After all, no pain no gain right?!

And....... the results.....!


It's super amazing how that slight lift could make such a big change. Of course, the immediate effect after my treatment was a bit too exaggerated because it is still swollen. And probably didn't suit me because the bridge looked so thin without that gradual blending to my nose. There are some people who actually prefer this "swollen effect" though. The swelling goes down by the next day for me, but there were still some aching and tightness for about a week.

Right after the fillers, it is recommended to not do any vigorous exercise or facials, or to apply pressure on the places you did your fillers. It may deform your fillers before it settles down. The fillers will usually take 2 weeks to settle, after 2 weeks, you can resume with all your activities and also to head back to the clinic for a review/touch up/top up, depending on how the results turn out.

Fact that I actually have fillers now makes it super convenient when I take pictures. I no longer need to photoshop my nose to make myself look more awake, I also spend lesser time with my make up because I no longer need to contour as much. Like I can go out bare face, and still see shadows forming what seems to be a nose bridge in between my eyes.... HAHAHAHHAA. Of course, I would prefer to fill up that arc from my eyebrows to my nose bridge though. So it doesn't look so curvy, and have a straight line down instead.

See that curve towards my eye brows? It's not proportionate, so it actually makes my eyebrows look kinda odd haha. I have no idea how can I make my eyebrow grow lower also, ~_~" I guess the only solution is go back and touch up my fillers, to make that link between my nasal and browbone less curvy? LOL.

Nonetheless, side view looks pretty dang awesome hehehehe. Will probably go back for a touch up after CNY!

Jezuz Kraiz, I really need to do my eye brows.

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  1. I was very scared to do nose filler injections. Does that hurt so much? I just do Botox, this isn't so painful but I've never tried to filler. Thank you for sharing your story, amazing experience.


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