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Received this pack of Bioderma skincare range at the best time ever when I was recovering from my laser treatment. I did a laser treatment a few months back and was tanned like a pig left with really rough and sensitive skin for almost 2 weeks. You know how disgusting it is when your skin is so rough it feels like sand paper when you touch it(?!) Ugh gross.

So the really nice Samplestore had given me a chance to try out Bioderma's new range of products specially for sensitive skin. Like I've mentioned, these set of products couldn't have came at a better timing man. Hahahaha.

After my laser treatment, my skin was extremely sensitive and stingy whenever I wash my face so I stopped using my usual facial wash entirely. But because my T zone still gets really oily, i have to wash my face at least once no matter what. So I tried out the gel cleanser, which is a really really light cleanser that softens my skin a lot and cleanses out all the impurities including dead skin when used. I love how it helped sped up the healing process of my laser treatment after that hahaha.

Then there is also the water based make up remover. I really love water based make up remover because it isn't sticky and it is easy to handle, wash up, gets right to the pores and removea a great deal of make up. One swipe, aaaaaaaand it's gone! Yayyyy.

Last but not least, along with the package is the mist! Idk if it's just me or the mist really works like miracle. Remember I mentioned my skin was really sensitive after the treatment?
I would spray the mist whenever I feel like my skin is too tight and dry, and then the mist kind of gives a protection layer and soothes my skin almost instantly. It was so dry that when I sprayed it, I could feel an instant cooling effect on my skin, followed by the moisture sinking into my skin.

So fast forward 1 month from my laser treatment, and 1 month of using Bioderm, my skin condition has no doubt improved a lot. But I'm starting to feel that the cleanser is too light for daily usage. So right now I only switch to it when my skin feels really irritated after a long day out.

Here's 2 unedited selfies with and without make-up. Hahahaha pardon the cui face.

I still use the make-up remover and mist tho! Those are amazing hahaha.

Thank you so much SampleStore for dropping this over! Couldn't have been a better package ever. XD

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