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Was scrolling through my photo album when I suddenly recalled something. If you have been following my blog from years back, you'd probably know I once dated a guy (whose younger sister is a famous brogger) for 2 years. Let's call him C, shall we. So much for being discreet, but whatever, HAHAHA.

Anyway, I've never share this openly before but most of my close friends know the reason why I left that guy. He was not only my boyfriend of that time, he was also an extremely devil level toxic entity on Earth. I remember how he used to bitch about me to our mutual friends(Okay actually a circle of blogger friends I made through CNOS) saying untrue stuff about me and sowing discord between me and them.

I'm not gonna elaborate too much, let's just get to the main point... So he went on lying to this spoilt asf, one-of-a-kind self-center diva dude, I'll name him D, since diva lah ah(?), about how I called a friend of our's fake, and plastic. Well because she went for nose filler during that period of time. And then he went on mentioning that I called her ugly because she has to photoshop her photos to look pretty, and then her amount of likes on Instagram is mediocre asf.

Irony tho; I personally REALLY LOVE photoshop. And I don't deny that I am a photoshop guru that photoshops almost every single one of my photos back in those days. I still am a photoshop guru, HAHA. Omg I'm straying from the main topic, BUT YA, THAT WAS NOT THE POINT.

So what happened was, I was looking to buy a semi-pro camera back then instead of using a digital cam. Well because that same bunch of people said I have lousy quality photos and I don't deserve to be within their industry (okok that's not the point either).
Whatever it is, I've been an avid photographer since a long time ago, but was too poor to invest in a proper DSLR. Or rather, I didn't feel it was necessary back then. I don't even know what were aperture and ISO wtf, buy so pro for what?

And then this filler-filled bimbo was selling off her Nikon J2, so I thought of buying it from her at a price equivalent to market price. First things first, that was a secondhand camera. (Wahlan eh secondhand and I still buy from you at market price ffs. APPRECIATE MY DONATION BITCH) And I only realized the shutter had problems after getting it from her. See, here's where the problem came. I actually suggested to her that I would like to check the camera first before transferring her the money. She then told D that I was too poor to buy her camera, and I have to use it first then return it back to her. /rolleyes

And then D went on to blog a whole chunk of toxic alphabets to say how shameless I am. Trying to demand a camera from a competition I won, and then trying to use someone else's camera by saying I want to buy. Honestly speaking though, it's only fair for someone to check the product they are purchasing before paying. But because C trusted her, so I didn't check and paid her and brought the spoilt camera home lah.

Now that I think about it, maybe these 3 are in cahoots together to cheat my money one. Considering how toxic C was being when I was still his girlfriend. What the flying fuck bro, you actually bitch about your own girlfriend. And best part, they're a bunch of lies. Gotta really salute that scriptwriter in you. Drama asf.

This wasn't the only thing he said about me, there were so much more I think I would need a week to finish writing it out.

I bought my own Sony A7R at a price 5 times her lousy secondhand spoilt Nikon J2 with my own money.
In case you haven't realize, this is the main point of my rant. Hahahhahahaa dam random ok can

Side note; No matter how shameless you guys said me to be, also cannot fight with the fact you write in to beg for sponsorships. To make things worse, all of you came to my 21st birthday empty handed. Laid on my hotel bed and messed up the entire room. Left the place without cleaning up, and made used of my name to get Dominos Pizza sponsor for the party. Who was left with the honor to write the advert then? Me.

Honestly dk why did I tolerate that bitchy ass C for 2 years when I could have left him at the 3rd month of our relationship. Looking back, I really felt like I wasted my life trying to ruin myself by surrounding myself with all these toxic people. I could have met better guys, but rejected all of them because of C. And it didn't even felt like love at all, sigh. What was I thinking.

Anyway, an advice for all you ladies out there. If a guy is toxic for you, don't hesitate to leave him. If he can hurt you once, chances are he will continue doing it and use it as a threat against you. And HE WILL NOT CHANGE. That was exactly what happened, and I was too soft hearted to leave. I only realized how happy I was when I was all alone overseas. By then it was all too late. Damage is done, I lost my friends, my career and my life. Then again, I guess these bunch of people aren't worth calling friends if they don't even trust me in the first place lol.

Did I also mention he told everyone I was with him for his money?!! He was earning a mere NSF pay of $420 a month, whereas I have my own income of close to 4 digits running freelance events back then. Wtf bro, it's only $420. If I really wanted money, I would have dumped you long before. No wait, I wouldn't even have dated you, /facepalm.

Regardless, nice victim card you got there C. Even your life is not enough to apologize for all the damaged you've done to me. Can't believe he actually asked me what's wrong with him earlier this year when he had problems with his new girlfriend. YOUR EXISTENCE IS THE PROBLEM FFS, DUH.

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