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by - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Surprise, surprise! Finally found time to unbox My Beauty Keeper's beauty box. I received it during SampleStore's Giftopia event a couple of weeks ago, but I've only managed to find time to open it up this weekend. It's packed with so many goodies I only got to try out a few, but here are all the stuff I gotten anyway!

Based in Taiwan, Beauty Keeper brings you a series of beauty products from homegrown Taiwanese brands. Ranging from masks, to beauty products, to make-up, you'd be spoilt for choice over at their online store.

Mom told me this is healthy bacteria, good for body. Very high in collagen! Yep, as you've guessed. Mom took it for herself right away, hhahahhaha.

PSK Intensive Hydra Cream that leaves your skin bionk bionkkkkk.

PSK's Color correction CC Cream, apply day and night for best whitening effect! I personally like the coverage tho. It hydrates as well, safe to use it as a skincare, as well as make-up base!

Super duper cute Macaron mask. I thought they were in tubs when I first received it, hahaha. When I unpacked though..


Facial cleansers, for different skin type to treat different skin condition.

My favorite from the box! This lip oil gives off a really nice tint after applying. And keeps my lips well moisturized as well! Acts as an exfoliator for me ever since because after the oil gets entirely absorbed, the dead skin of my lips could be easily removed with a rub of the finger! Best part, it isn't super oily even tho it looks like it.

And then there's hair oil for dry frizzy hair.

4 different color pencil eye liner!

Long lasting, waterproof, smudge proof. Only problem is that, I can't do wings with pencil liners. I'm not good with that hahahaha.

Brown, light brown, gray and black.

Basically Wakes up Skin, and Freezes Age. As you have guessed, mom took it too. Hahahahhaa

Citric acid tablets to help reduce acidity in your systems. This is epic sour, not even lying. Stupid me took the tablet without dissolving in water, HAHAHAHHHAA. Would have used this for gate crash during Jazreel's wedding had I received it earlier hahahahha

Last but not least, masks!
What is a beauty box without the most essential beauty component! Face masks enough for me to share with my mom, hahaha. Would probably throw one onto Kimmy's face this weekend xD

Don't forget to check them out, and support them on Facebook too!

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