Adventure Cove with CASIO FR100

by - Saturday, November 19, 2016

Plenty of Adventure Cove fun last Saturday for Kimmy's pre-birthday celebration. To be honest, we didn't really have any plans beforehand because we were unsure what he needed to do for the weekend because his schedule is pretty unpredictable. Thankful enough, I was invited to join the rest of the Casio Bloggers for the FR200 cam-test over the weekend, which pretty much added activities to our boring list and saved us from the usual mundane movie-food dates.

Curious boy trying out the Casio EAM4 Selfie Stick hahahhaha

Would say this selfie stick is more sturdy than your plastic toy selfie stick to be honest. And it has a special holding clipper designed for you to put your viewfinder on. Which makes things easier because you don't need to add an extra adapter to your selfie stick just to hold the viewfinder anymore. Lesser risk of them dropping down onto the seabed when you're snorkelling! It actually almost happened to me once when I was in Bali, because I didn't align the screen to the clip properly. Thank god I had it strapped around my wrist.....

Wanted to look chio chio and take some super-model style selfie shots throughout the whole trip there because FR100 has insanely good beauty mode, but then I couldn't avoid getting wet LOL. Oh well, still flawless even though the make-up is almost gone. Lucky the beauty mode gave me a healthy glow on my face, potential 照騙 BAHAHHAHA.

Queueing for Rainbow Reefs! One of the rare attractions in Adventure Cove that allows us to bring along our camera. Most of the rides there doesn't allow any gadgets or us bringing in anything. :(

I only have selfie shots because we can't bring the camera onto the rides. What a waste.

Queue that day was actually quite smooth and fast. We didn't wait too long for our turn to enter the Rainbow Reef! I remember queueing for almost an hour just to get in there on my first visit. /facepalm

I tried taking a drop dead gorgeous super model underwater selfie, but failed..... Camera so clear it captured every single ounce of my unglamness. T_T

It's okay, I'll deal with this, hahahahaha!

Selfie aside, I also managed to capture some really nice photos of what's within the reef! Definitely beats bringing phones enclosed inside water proof cases. I don't even need any case for this camera to go into the water!

We were even lucky enough to catch the divers in action..... cleaning the tank! Hahahahaha. My friend was coincidentally one of the divers, but can't really recognise who is it to be honest XD

eh bro, got camera, smile.

But of course... I have more selfies than scenery shots of the space, HAHAHAHA. Who can resist a selfie underwater when you have a underwater selfie cam in hand?!

Clumsy me dropped my camera way down to the bottom tho. Because I didn't strap it on my wrist properly, hahaha. I had to get the life guards to help me retrieve it after that. Thank goodness the camera is hardy enough, no scratches or anything even against the rough and hazardous corals.

haha, hi.

omg wait, mouthpiece dropping.

okay, one more time.


Okay, I'm just kidding hahaha. Anyway, if you guys are looking for a handy adventure camera, CASIO FR100 is a great option. This is the camera many of you have been asking me about. The one that I bring over to Bali to take my underwater shots. Sincere apologies for not being able to share my travelogue to Taiwan and Bali though, :(
My other macbook that saves all my travel photos had broke down for almost a year now, and I am too poor to get it fixed. Don't worry, I've sent it for repair, hopefully I can retrieve them before Christmas!

The CASIO FR100 package comes with a selfie-pod, and a 16gb micro SD card. Spares you the trouble from getting another SD card outside after making purchase. There is also an on-going promo now for Best Denki, when you purchase the CASIO FR100 from them, they will give you a $50 CASIO watch discount voucher for you to use at CASIO's G-Factory store!

Just don't forget to ask them for the redemption letter, otherwise you won't be able to get your $50 discount voucher for your next G-Shock ah, hahahaha.

OKAY! Long-winded enough. One last selfie to end the post off, hehehehe.

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