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Back as LOST.sg once again to try out their toughest escape room of all time, Aokigahara. Known as the famous suicide forest of Japan, Aokigahara is a place shrouded by death, and is also the second most popular suicide spot in the world.

(I'm sure most of you had caught the movie, Aokigahara. If you haven't, you totally should. It adds to the atmosphere when you enter the room, HAHA.)

Before proceeding with the game, you will be shown a short video introduction of the room that you've chosen. And here's Aokigahara:

After walking in rounds around the forest, it was clear that we had lost our way. With no functioning equipments to guide us out, fear was slowly consuming us from within. While we are paranormal researchers by profession, the fact remains that we are lost inside Japan’s Suicide Forest.

Historically linked with demons and supernatural beings, Aokigahara is not a place to spend a night in. As the sun sets, the forest is getting dark. The macabre side of Aokigahara slowly sets in as I feel someone whispering behind my ears, leaving me unsettled.


The room is meticulously decorated with corpses, decapitated heads, lasso and suicide notes. Well equipped dim lights that'll make you lost your way, (and probably hit your head a couple of times, well because I did) accompanied with eerie atmos in the background, this room is not for the weak hearted. Okay, I'm exaggerating. It is actually not that bad. Even for scaredy cats like Kimmy and Tiffanie, they survived well! They did get scared a couple of times by the dramatic flourishes though, hahahahaha, it was epic, hahahhahahaha.


Like most escape rooms, your job here is to get out without using any brute force. As much as brains are required, observation skills and team work is equally important for this game.

You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, and exit the room. 60 minutes may sound like a lot of time, but trust me, you'll run out if you don't use your time wisely.

We first entered the room feeling extremely lost. Especially after solving the very first puzzle, we ended up wasting almost 15 minutes on the second one because we thought too much of it. And then felt extremely stupid after solving the second puzzle. Like I've mentioned, as much as brains are required, observation skills are equally important. *Shakes my head at how dumb we were*

Moving on we kind of got more on the ball with the entire flow. It became more exciting when we start to clear each puzzle really quickly. It was especially fun when the whole team come together to piece all the tiny details together to unlock the next stage. There is only this much one brain can remember, so when 8 brains come together, we became invincible. MUUUUUUAAAHAHAHHAA.

I have to highlight one thing: There are a lot of crawling around, so don't hit your head like I did. I hit my head twice, Idk how I managed to do it but then again, I hit my head all the time even when I get off a car, sigh.

We did not manage to beat the record holder for Aokigahara, but we managed to get to the very last chest within the time frame. Thankfully we did though. Otherwise the surprise I arranged for Kimmy would have failed LOL. It was a pre-birthday celebration for Kimmy on that day, so I arranged with LOST.sg to hide an envelope inside the last chest specially for him. And then surprising him with a birthday cake when we exit the room hahahaha.

Here's the Hall of Fame, try beating their timing if you can!
Alright, 3 tips before you get yourself lost within the forest of death:

1 Bring along observant friends!
(Alternately, you can invite your blur friends just so you can watch them get scared.)

2 Follow the instructions.
I know, I know.... Like you don't say. Well, sometimes people just don't read carefully you know!

3 Torches can save you.
Not, even, kidding.

Oh! Don't forget to grab a polaroid after your game with your friends! They also have plenty of board-props for you to hold. I love that poop one, super cute.

It's sad that we did not managed to escape within the time frame, because we were stuck with the last chest that opens the door. Nonetheless, Aokigahara is by far my favourite room @ LOST SG because of a lot of reasons that I cannot say. I might just end up revealing the entire room to you, HAHAHA.

But it was an extremely unforgettable experience at LOST SG once again, and I can't wait to return for EXODUS. Kimmy says the trailer looks really nice! Mehehehhehe, I could probably trap him inside and scare him again somewhere. XD

Thank you so much, LOST SG for having us!

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