Danro Collagen Hotpot by MOF

by - Sunday, December 18, 2016

Newly located at JEM's quiet corner in level 1 is Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet by MOF. I've always seen people posting photos of collagen hotpot on their Instagram and Facebook raving about how amazing this beauty pot is, but have never once gotten the chance to try it because of work and many other commitments.

But yesterday, I've finally gotten a chance to try out Danro's Collagen Hotpot Buffet over at JEM because there's no work, no shoot, no school. Woohooooo! Can't remember the last time I got to come out and enjoy myself like that.... ANYWAY!

Thank you so much MOF for inviting me over to try out your new restaurant!

Hidden away at an extremely cosy corner, the restaurant has space enough for up to 70 pax during their peak hour. They also have enough space for their customers to walk around to get their food, unlike your usual hotpot restaurant where you got to squeeze through many tables, perspiring and sweating away in that hot and humid space while having your food... Gah, another reason why I don't like to go steamboat with my friends.

Call my a mountain tortoise, but it is my very first time being able to have hotpot in an air-conditioned space, without feeling hot asf, and heading home smelling like I just got myself BBQ-ed. Hahahahhahaa

Comfortable dining environment, definitely a plus point!

An area for cooked food and dessert!

Not forgetting the amazing sauces.

What is hotpot without sauces right? My favorite is their peanut sauce with garlic and chili padi!! That's Kimmy's favorite too!

Free flow of soft drinks and green tea for you. Of course, they have beer and Japanese sake for you with a top up of a few more dollars! Just order it from the friendly waiters around!

I was expecting plain rice, but gotten fried rice instead, hahahahahaha. Really love their rice with the hotpot soup. I can confidently say I gained 3kg after my visit there yesterday.... HAHAHAHA.

Free flow vegetable and frozen food area!

Over at Danro Collagen Hotpot Buffet, they serve 4 different type of soup bases.

1 Garlic Pork Collagen
2 Garlic Pork Spicy Collagen
3 Chicken Collagen
4 Chicken Spicy Collagen

I took the Garlic Pork Spicy Collagen and Chicken Collagen. Being a fan of spicy food, I thought I would prefer the Garlic Pork Spicy Collagen more... but I ended up having the Chicken Collagen more instead, and Kimmy finishing up the Garlic Pork Spicy Collagen soup hahahaha.

They serve premium pork, chicken, beef, and prawns there! All you have to do is let the staff know your choice of meat, and you can enjoy unlimited amount of it for a set dining period! Prawns are only served during dinner, so bear in mind, if you want to enjoy the prawns, don't go during lunch time!

Ice cream for dessert definitely hit the spot! Hehehehhehehehehe.

Prices as follows:

Weekday *1hr 20mins lunch, 1hr 40mins dinner Limit Per Diner*

Lunch $17.90++ (Adult)
$9.90++ (Child 4-10 yrs)

Dinner $24.90++ (Adult)
$9.90++ (Child 4-10 yrs)
$21.90++ (Senior Citizen 55 yrs & above)

Weekend, PH and eve of PH *1hr 40mins Limit Per Diner*

All day $24.90++ (Adult)
$9.90++ (Child 4-10 yrs)
$21.90++ (Senior Citizen 55 yrs & above)

Time Extension $5++ Valid for every 15min block and applies to every diner

Prices are strictly for JEM's outlet only.


Meanwhile, to celebrate their opening in JEM, Danro by MOF has generously offered 50 1-for-1 dining voucher at their JEM outlet, specially for my followers/readers. In order to participate, simply comment your name and email in the comment section, or PM me on my Facebook and I will get back to you shortly!

Due to the extremely tight redemption period, the name will be sent in on Monday, 19th December 2016.
While stock lasts everyone. Thank you for popping by!

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