Stranger's Reunion

by - Monday, October 17, 2016

Finally got a Satur-date with Kimmy after so many weeks of sacrificing my weekends for filming. I've never once thought that having a free weekend could be this precious. And to be extremely happy at that. Maybe because having a free day off to spend with him is so hard to sought for, I kind of appreciate it even more that I finally got a free day off.

We popped by Stranger's Reunion and had a late lunch there. Yes, after postponing the trip there for so long, I finally got to drop by and try out their amazing all-day breakfast/lunch.

Do I need to mention again that the food is a-maz-ing? Hahahahaha

Wanted to chill there a little longer but we had other plans so we had to head off after a while. It was a nice experience though. I love the food there, but I heard they will be closed for a while to undergo some renovation. Guess I can look forward to a whole new concept of Stranger's Reunion at the end of the year now!

Update again soon! Xx

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