Pinkicon: Select Fairy Cocoa Brown

by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016


When was the last time I did a lens review? I can't remember. Anyway, here I have with me today is a pair of Select Fairy Cocoa Brown lenses from PINKICON.COM.

PINKICON is the largest circle lenses distributor in Hong Kong. There are a lot of Japan and Korea lenses on their site for you to chose from. Best part? They ship worldwide for FREE for ALL Circle lenses.

I'm not gonna lie. I really hate how I have to pay extra $5~$8 just for shipping. It makes no sense for me to purchase online, and having to wait after paying the same price as what I could get at our local opticians. Even though some websites have really nice lenses, shipping fees that cost nearly the price of the lenses itself is a total turn off.


And their website has so many selections, I could wear for at least the next 10 years! (Monthly lenses, that is.)
I swear it took me 3 days of shopping on their website, before I finally made up my mind what lenses I want. I settled with a pair of Select Fairy Cocoa Brown because it looks so natural despite the design looking really fancy. It is actually really sheer, but still gives off a tinge of chocolate eye color like those Korean stars with natural hazel eye kind of thing. Fuyoh, I love this pair of lenses so much. Even so, I still feel a bit regrettable, because there are so many other lenses I wanna try apart from this pair that I gotten.

The comfort level is so good. This is the very first pair of lenses that actually feels like jelly to me. Unlike most lenses that has this plastic-y feeling, the Select Fairy Cocoa Brown actually feels like gelatin, hahahaha. Imagine jelly squishies; stress ball or some sort. Of course not that thick lah.

I don't know if that's how it works, but the lenses' jelly texture made it fit my iris shape perfectly. Thus the comfort level, and I don't feel like there is a layer of lenses there at all.

The lenses doesn't dry up too quickly either, but of course if you are gonna wear it with tired eyes, it will probably feel extremely dry after 2 - 3 hours. On days where I have enough sleep, and don't wake up with eyelid that's stuck together, the lenses actually doesn't feel like it is gonna drop out at all.

On days where I only have 1 - 3 hours of sleep though, I could feel the lenses peeling off my eye ball.
Simply saying, tired eyes should never be covered with a layer of lens. Wear glasses instead.

Half a month in, the lenses are still in tip-top condition. No deteriorate of quality, and it is not drying up fast too. That doesn't mean you should extend it's expiry date. Try not to wear monthly lenses for more than 25 days! It is extremely unhygienic!

With that said, it is almost time for me to throw away my Select Fairy Cocoa Brown.. How much I'd miss this pair of beautiful and natural looking lenses. I'll miss my hazel eyes.......

Check out PINKICON.COM if you haven't!

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