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by - Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ever since school started, I've made it a point that self pampering time should never be spared.
I will from now on deem it illegal to spare my precious personal time for other people or events regardless school, work or friends. Okay actually it is very subjective. It all depends on what level of importance someone or something is in my life, in order for me to decide whether is it worth sacrificing my me-time for. Work life balance you know, hahahaha.

First thing I do upon completing my major project last week was to find Elein. Life was so terrible you can actually see how stressed up I was from just the way my hair looked. It was ALL OVER THE PLACE, and looks fried as hell. Fact that Kimmy is stuck in camp made things a whole lot worse because I used to whine to him every night so I don't keep things within myself, and risk exploding my guts. Now that he isn't around, I could feel my frustrations and annoyance towards everything being built up deep inside me and slowly bursting out through my head and my eyes. Ugh, how pathetic.

Anyway. I headed over to Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry last Tuesday to get a hair make. I was really bored of my dark coloured hair, so I told Elein I wanna go bright this time round so I could look gorgeous asf for my Krabi trip. With the restrictions of bleaching, I couldn't go blonde like how I used to, otherwise it would break apart really easily because my hair is really really thin. Super glad to know I am not suffering from hair loss though, I just have really really thin hair.

So Elein gave me ash brown, with a higher level toner, so it will look brighter without having to bleach.

Elein never fail to amaze me. I achieved bright colors easily without having to bleach, and I got even brighter ombré ends after she removed purple off my hair ends. Is this a sign for ash colors soon? 8D

Actually I really do wanna try out Harley Quinn's red &able ombré. Then maybe can cos with movie mania for the next show. Okay lemme slim down first HAHAHAHHAAHA

Results: I LARVE IT.

I got a hair treatment after my dye job too. The usual Mucota ABC treatment that never fails to salvage my frizziness and dry ends. I especially love it when they steam my hair. It's as if I am steaming away all my frustrations and angst every time that big white blob of shower cap comes onto my head, xD

Good news for all you amazing people by the way! You can now try the Mucota ABC Treatment too @ $108 NETT, with a complimentary hair cut for all hair length!
A deal to die for seriously. If the ABC treatment doesn't get rid of your frizziness, I don't know what else will.

You can book an appointment through this application called "Booksky". Simply search "Headlines Hairdress by Artistry" on the apps, and then follow the instructions!

NOTE: Headlines Hairdressing by Artistry is located @ International Plaza. Not Chinatown!

Don't forget to quote "VIVIANTIAN" before checkout to enjoy 10% ~ 30% discount for other services. :)

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