Klenspop: SIO 3 Lizzy Blue

by - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

[ S P O N S O R E D ]

Heyoooh! I'm back with another lens review! This time, Klenspop had sponsored me with a pair of beautiful blue lenses!

I've always wanted to try blue lenses because I'm usually a brown/gray person, so I've never really thought how would I look in blue, hahahhaa. So Klenspop is very nice to fulfil my dreams and let me try out their SIO 3 Lizzy Blue, XD Should probably get myself a pair of red next time, haha!

As usual, the lenses are really soft and comfortable. It feels as if it is barely there and the best part, it makes your eyes shine!

The lens doesn't dry your eyes up after wearing it for the whole day. Instead, it remains moist and helps your eye glistens under the light.

It's in a shade of beautiful deep-sea blue, though it doesn't create a galaxy out of your eyes, but it does brings out the life in you. I mean like.... I look so dead half the time! This pair of lenses really helps me look more "awake" on days where I am really really drained out.

Furthermore, it doesn't drain out my tired eyes. You know how your eyes can feel so tired you don't even want to wear contact lenses anymore.... But the SIO 3 Lizzy Blue doesn't sting your tired eyes at all! It's quite amazing but of course, it is not recommended to wear lenses when your eyes are not ready.

Klenspop always have sales up on their site! So don't forget to check out their exclusive lenses going at a special prices!

Christmas is coming, get ready to look pretty, hehehehe.

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