BlackBox: Surviving Crunch Time

by - Friday, November 27, 2015

[ S P O N S O R E D P O S T ]

To be honest, I've always been a skeptical person towards supplements. I've never believe supplements are able to help me with my health or anything, and to add on, it is extremely costly!

So gave me this opportunity to try on some energizing supplements to help me tide through my exam period! I've been so busy I don't even get the time to sleep. I've been taking quick naps here and there, and then getting up to work again. It is so draining it makes it really hard to focus on the things I am doing.

The Surviving Crunch Time bundle comes with 3 different type of Force G enerigizing supplements, and 1 Marzlab Sleep Restorative Spray!

The Force G comes in pills, spray and liquid form, so you can chose which is more suitable for you! I personally prefer the spray version because it's handy and easy to consume!

But of course, disclaimer here: Do take note for allergies!! Don't simply consume anything just because the reviews are good ok!

I personally don't really fancy the pills form. Not really a fan of swallowing pills haha, but it is generally easy to swallow and don't have much taste. If you're not a fan of bitterness then this will probably suit you better.

Containing 6 different ingredients: GINSENG, GINGER, GUARANA, TAURINE, ARGININE, ACEROLA;
The pills helps you to resurrect your vitality over time!

And then there's the Force G Power Max Spray... A smaller version of the original Force G Power Max bottled supplement. Which is my favorite because it is easy to use and bring around!! The taste is not too overwhelming too. It has this warm tingly sensation once you sprayed it onto your tongue, and a slight sour-bitter after taste. Overall is pretty okay and acceptable in my opinion. I don't really see the immediate effect in this, but it does help keep me awake better than my coffee hahahaha.

Last Force G product I'm being sponsored with is this, the Force G Power Max!
Combined with 6 revitalising and energising active ingredient, the Force G Power Max helps to give immediate and effective relief to fatigue and tiredness.

Yes... The bigger the content, the more effective it is, hahahaha.

Next is my favorite product from the Crunch Time box!

Marzlabs Sleep Restoration gives me all the rest I've been missing. Hahahhaa I'm kidding. It does help me revitalize by a bit and gives me a good night rest. The best part? This spray helps curb my appetite, so I don't get off my bed and binge in the middle of the night. Not sure if it's part of the effects from this supplement, but it's a good thing!!

I can finally start my diet plan with this hahahaha.

The taste is not bad too. It has this really strong berry taste, though a tad sour.

The packaging is not as sturdy tho. Please be really really careful with it because once dropped, the bottle could crack. I accidentally dropped my bag and the bottle cracked, :(

Other than that, this product is actually really good for me. But everybody differs, so don't quote me out of context, hahaha. It might not be suitable for you.

Disclaimer: Do consult your doctor if you are unsure. After all, all these products are for consumption and it can be dangerous if anybody who has an allergy to the ingredients inside consumes it!

Thank you BlackBox for sending this box to me at this ultra crucial period!! I really needed it, xP

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