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by - Sunday, November 22, 2015

Everyone is having their holidays now. Nothing to worry about, nothing to rush for... And here I am, still burning midnight oil in school because some of my project mates for another project decided to be irresponsible...

What exactly happened was..

Everyone of us has 2 major projects to work on this semester. Of course, I am not excluded. So me and 3 other of my classmates got separated into another group to do "Video Installation". We didn't manage to have our meetings until the 6th week of school, the time when most of our classmates has started filming for their personal project.

That aside, we didn't even get to discuss much with our groupmates too. We initially thought the 4 of us are gonna be together to work on this, but it turned out, we are separated into 4 other groups to collab with another course.

Here's the problem.

The other course's students has their personal commitments. Do I need to mention anymore? "Video Installation" ended up as another side project for them, and it wasn't their priority. It was so tough to meet them up to discuss about the project that I've only seen this 1 other person ONCE in a span of 15 weeks.

Let's not start about the responsibility part... This other 2 people from my group doesn't even seem interested?

So by Week 15, which is the submission week, we have legit nothing done. And this is when I've finally decided to not give a shit about the other 2 fellas and just go on with the project on my own with the only interested person.

Right now, Week 16.... Here I am! On a sunny Sunday, spending my time in school.... When I am supposed to be home sleeping and finally getting some rest after days and days of toiling. I swear my TV Trailer project was a disaster too, ok. I am glad it turned out decent even though not the best. Sigh, I really hope I've met nice people who actually gives a shit about my projects and helps me genuiunely. You know how excited I was to produce the story? :(

I was really, really excited!!!!! But my crew decided to be half ass, and not a single bit interested in helping me... Even when I actually paid them.........

I learnt a valuable lesson though. I paid quite a bit to give myself a wake up call on how unreliable other people can be. And that, you can only rely on yourself, and nobody else. I am so glad 70% of school is over now... Can't wait to get this last 30% over and done with!

Final presentation is on the 10th of December...... So..... 10 December it shall be!

Oh by the way.... Another ongoing major project I am working on with my buddies with help from mm2 productions, (Not school's).... So it's paid, don't worry.


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