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by - Friday, November 20, 2015

It's been a while guys!! I've been sooooooo busy the past 2 months I literally left this space alone to collect dust. I know, I know.... I could at least do some photo updates or something.... But, I don't even have the time to be taking photos? :(

Anyway! All these doesn't matter anymore. I am backkkkkkkk now! Submission ended on Monday, hehehe. I can finally sleep-in and rot my holidays away, xD And the first thing I did? Book an appointment with the salon. HAHAHA.

I remembered the last time I visited Yongwei at his office and his first qusetion to me was, "What happen to your hair?"

My hair was so fried and my curls were sooooooo terrible, oh god I can't even.........

I wasn't lying okay!!!

So I booked an appointment at Headlines Hairdressing, with my new stylist, Eleine, to get my hair roots rebonded, hehehehehe.

Hehehehehhehehehehe, straightening, straightening!!! I was super excited I swear. The last time I rebonded my hair was probably 2 years ago? I've been able to keep my roots neat because I did Keratine and Mucota straightening treatment before! They managed to keep my hair roots in place for almost a year each!

End results?


The long awaited straight fringe!!!!!!
Goodness, I cannot explain how happy I am hahahahaha. I finally have proper fringe that doesn't make me look like a siaozabor. HAHAHAHA 8D

After that, Eleine helped me do hair treatment, and I walked out of the salon looking fabulous!

Eleine suggest I change my hair color next month to something lighter.
Due to the fact that I was born with very little hair, dark hair colors make me look bald. I AM NOT BALDING, STOP SAYING I AM. To be extremely honest, I don't think any scalp treatment or hair regrowth treatment would help since I don't even have the follicle to grow hair in the first place?

Light hair color again, should I, should I not?

OH by the way! Get up to 10% ~ 30% OFF hair services at Headlines Hairdressing when you quote my name, "VIVIANTIAN"! Show me some support lah, ok? Hehehehe go go get a haircut, prepare for Christmas xP

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