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by - Saturday, October 03, 2015

Never thought I would ever do a sanitary pad review, but I really have to highlight this to girls out there because the weather lately is simply insane. It's soooooooo hot I get abrasions from wearing sanitary pads. (Wtf?) It's true.

I have very irregular and heavy menstrual cycle, so it is quite a burn on sanitary pads whenever my menses comes. Especially if the interval is extremely short and I get too busy. I run out of pads very fast, so I would take a few from my mom in case of emergency.

You see, that is the problem. My skin was obviously not used to the sudden change of brands. My usual pads are really thin, and absorbs really fast. So that it remains dry and is comfortable all day. But the ones I gotten off my mom's toilet shelf was thick, tho absorbs fast, it doesn't remain dry. It has this layer of "net" that sticks to your skin. And in this ultra warm and humid weather, wearing this kind of pad is obviously a killer. I suffered from abrasions for almost a week after wearing it for just 1 day.

Horrible because I can't stop wearing since my menses hasn't end? It was itching like hell and I couldn't do anything!! T_T

To make things worse, my heavy flow never fails to stain my pants when I sleep. I have overnight leakage problem very often. Had to get up every now and then in the middle of the night just so I can assure I don't have to wash my bedsheet again. I tried many different brands but it all didn't help. It is either too thick or it's too long for comfort.

Life saviour came when I saw Samplestore's Kotex LUXE free sample on their site.

I am very happy with it up till now, I have to say!

The pad will help you realize that overnight period leakage is never your fault. I no longer need to be conscious about the way I sleep, or be afraid that I will stain my pants/bedsheet anymore. I can finally sleep in peace.

The packaging is really cute and it is convenient too. There are string zips around to help you keep your pads clean and dry.

The comfort level is there too. It doesn't become moist and warm, it keeps me dry and comfortable all day!

The pads are really thin too, and it absorbs really well!

The day pad.

The overnight pad.

The overnight pad is long enough to cover all the way up to your butt. Thus cease the chances of leakage onto your pyjamas and bed sheets when you sleep. Definitely my life savior since many pads I tried still leaks even if it is ultra long. The design just don't fit, :/

Honeycomb Liquid-Locker that rapidly absorbs and locks away fluid to help keep your skin dry and comfortable!

The Kotex LUXE is going at S$5.95 per pack now, you can find more information on the products on the Kotex website!

Redeem your free samples now :D

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