Stay home Wednesday.

by - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Holidays started early for the rest of my classmates. They all finished up their projects on the 16th of November and said bye bye to school since then. Whereas poor me...... I'm only finally getting my 1st day off after 3 months of no-life, constant film producing.

Good thing is that, everything turned out successful and I finally have some decent videos for my portfolio..

Unlike when I first started this course, all I had was a bunch of ridiculous YouTube-style nonsense. Zero professionalism, zero sense of creativity, and lack of pro actors. I felt extremely sad and demoralised because most of my classmates were so capable and I am just ...... meh.

1 year after my disastrous documentary, I am finally producing proper video that meets all the basic requirements. Though still an amateur's job, I am glad I managed to make it happen all on my own.

Of course, not forgetting even the small roles people played to help get this short trailer produced.

Following that, I sacrificed 3 weeks of my holidays to a project that is nothing more than just a waste of time. The only gain from this is meeting new friends and getting myself 1 more kickass video for portfolio. So I guess I'm glad I did it anyway...?

Sad to say, my perfect holidays is short lived. Just this morning, new projects came knocking into my email. Certainly, it's a joy I finally get to collaborate with different classmates and bid goodbye to the usual emo, dark films.... but thought of having my next few months packed once again scares me. I'm so close to graduation and I've yet found out what I really want to do with my life after I'm out of school.


Scares me even more to know my income will stop entirely once my contract ends..... And that the journey I started 4 years ago is coming to an end. I have no idea wherelse am I gonna go now, or what else am I gonna do. Should I further my studies and get a degree or should I just head out and work? I probably still have the privillege to study but is it really necessary?

4 more months to graduation, I need me some help and answers. :(

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