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by - Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Situated near the entrance of J.Avenue in JCube, is this bling-filled castle stocked up with amazingly beautiful accessories. Castle Group is a retailed boutique that sells unique accessory pieces like rings, necklaces, bangles and watches. They have incredibly abstract pieces of accessories that compliments well in almost any occasion.

If you have been following me since a long time back, you should have realized by now that I am quite the minimalist. I like things simple, and neat. I am not really a fan of ultra loud and fancy pieces.

Here are a few of my favorites from Castle Group!

This 3D Triangle pendant, paired up with a Swarovski crystal right in the middle gives off a really chic look to your simple outfit. It's a perfect add-on to my black onesies, and it looks perfect on white too! Awesome part of Rosegold accessories hahaha.

Accompanied with the necklace, I also got myself a Rosegold Pyramid Ring. I love how this ring looks simple yet brings along a slight tinge of complexity in it. The dual triangle gives it more depth than just having just a plain triangle on its own. Especially the crystal guarded pyramid, it brings out the elegance in my plain outfits along with the 3D Triangle necklace.

I wanted to get myself a matching bangle, but I thought it may be a little bit overwhelming to have so many matching stuff on me. You know, like they always say..... Simplicity is key? Hahahaha! So I got myself this arrowed bangle. Gold because it goes well with legit anything.

I really love gold accessories because they are easy to match and they look really really elegant! Most of Castle Group's accessories come in 3 colors: Silver, Gold, Rosegold. Also, they have so much to chose from, trust me, you'd be spoilt for choice.

Another good thing about Castle Group is that, they guarantee unique pieces of accessories by limited the quantity of each design! This prevents you from having the same accessory with someone else! But this limitation also makes me really sad... Because on my first visit, I actually saw this really nice bangle but I didn't get it, I only returned 2 days later, but the bangle was already gone. Hahahahahha.

It's a while stock lasts thing with CG Castle Group, so grab your's while they are still there! They do stock up new designs once in a while, you can follow them up on their Facebook Page for LIVE updates!

Meanwhile, don't forget to drop by this one-stop fashionista boutique and gear up for Christmas if you haven't already! Ps: They also do free delivery upon request! Quote "VIVIANTIAN" to get 10% OFF all in-house items!

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