Klenspop: Bunny Color Brown

by - Monday, December 14, 2015

[ S P O N S O R E D . P O S T ]

Annnnnnnd it's back to basics guys! It's been a while since I got myself brown lenses. If you have been with me for a long time, you should have known by now that I am more of a grey lens person. I hardly get myself brown lenses unless the occasion requires me to look formal or presentable. Not saying grey lens cannot look formal, it's just, I got called a monster by a kid before when I wore grey lenses...... :(
But hey, it's still my favorite ok.

This time, Klenspop gave me a pair of Bunny Color Brown to try out. I must say this is one of the brightest brown lens I've ever tried!

I usually get myself those that looks really natural, and you can't really tell whether it's brown or just my eye color kind of brown lens. Nothing extravangant or super duper vibrant. Or rather, I wasn't able to find a pair as bright as this? :/

Remember back when Twilight first came out, everyone was looking for the vegetarian vampire eyes that The Cullens had? HAHAHAHHAA.

Yes.. Yes... I was one of them...... but didn't manage to find and it's been 7 years ever since. I am finally a certfied vegetarian vampire!!

The lens are extremely comfortable as usual. Not trying to recommend you to wear lenses when you are super tired, but the lens are surprisingly comfortable even when I toss them on when my eyes are barely awake. (Please, please, please it is not advisable to do so. I had my reasons.... :()

The shipping is fast too! They deliver within 3 days to 1 week unless unforeseen circumstances which cannot be avoided.

Brown lens can look sexy too!

Bunny Color Brown is going at 50% discount now!! Don't forget to check out their special sales and get ready for Christmas!!

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