Mo-view:《To The Fore》

by - Friday, August 07, 2015

I was sooooo lucky to be one of the few chosen bloggers to catch 《 To The Fore 》 before it was released!! I'd be frank. I wanted to watch it so badly because there was Eddie Peng!! Not too much into cycling.....

And as usual.... Eddie Peng was drop dead gorgeous in the movie.

I brought Tiffy with me this time because she is a huge fan of Choi Siwon. And there were media appearance of Siwon and the director, Dante Lam, being a crazy fangirl, she wanted to see Siwon. So we went to squeeze for the best spot, hahahahah. But I was too short to see much, ah well.

To be honest, I have zero interest in this movie initially. Because I don't really cycle, let alone say having any knowledge about cycling competitions. I'm not even sure if we have these kind of marathons in Singapore?

But Dante Lam had undoubtedly created miracles again. The movie was AMAZING. I'm not even joking.

If I really have to rate, it'll be a 8.5/10! 1 point off because I honestly feel that Siwon could have more scenes with him speaking Korean, than him struggling to inounciate chinese. And 0.5 points off because we got cheated by Siwon

He barely even showed his abs, T_T ~~~

Bicycles aside, this movie revolves strongly around brotherhood and the long distance love life of main protaganist, "Ming". How often do you have good buddies turned competitors looking out for each other? It is amazing because most people would take the rivalry between them too seriously they'd become enemies.

In "To The Fore", you get to see how the actors portray this rivalry differently.

Eddie Peng also made some really huge sacrifice in the movie. Something most sportsmen would not give up because it would jeopardise their career as a cyclist. It was quite unexpected since that is a choice not many people would make.

The film was shot within 16 different countries, across 30 over cities around the world. No doubt a high budget film, all for the best quality footage and scenes. They have incredible action shots and edits that would keep you on the edge of your seat. The competition would get so intense it feels as though you are one of the spectator at the scene itself!

It was at this point when the whole cinema came together and cheered for "Radiant"!!

The movie is called, 《破風》 which means "breaking wind". They are the lead-outs that does the job of breaking the wind by riding in front of their sprinter, so the sprinter could conserve energy as he finish the whole course. The lead-outs have to protect and guide them to the finish line, and when they are close enough, it is their job to make way just so the sprinter could sprint towards the finish line without any obstacle hindering infront.

The movie covered a lot about how this sport compete with each other for the championship. Whenever I see anything about cycling on the news, I would always think that, "Wow, there's only 1 winner out of 50 over of them?!"
Yes there is only 1 champion, but the win also belongs to the team because a lot of team work is required in order for the sprinter to win for their team!

I personally feel the last match was the most touching one. The outcome was totally unexpected! The crowd was so surprised that we all went "Awwww....." after the last match, hahahaha. You've got to watch it to feel it!

There were also times when they fall, and had to go through really tough times.

The actors did a really good job in bringing this inspiring movie to us. Their chemistry was crazy! And the ending was really gradual too! Not too abrupt, neither are there any cliff hanger. It didn't have any "What the hell" moments as well, where you'd feel this or that scene didn't make any sense. There were casual humours too, but it's more of the kind that brings people together than the kind of ridiculous humour that you would feel really stupid to hear.

I can't wait for To The Fore 2. Let's make that happen! Catch To The Fore from 7 Aug onwards :D
Thank you so much Clover Films for letting me watch this movie. I'm catching it another time next week, because it's THAT good. xP


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