It's a Sun-date!

by - Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Brought my mushroom out for a hair cut last Sunday! He has been complaining how thick his hair had gotten and that he looks like a crazy mushroom.... Okay, okay, it was me. Hahahahaha I called him a crazy mushroom, XD

I don't know why you are seeing my face when he is the one getting the hair cut.... Lol!

But baby looks so much smarter and neater now, I iz happy! Woohooo!!! Afterwhich, my human mushroom brought me over to ION for a crazy shopping spree. Can you believe I actually spent S$159 at H&M?! I am usually bloody thrifty when it comes to clothings lah.. I will never buy anything that cost more than S$10. So I chose a couple of off season tops that cost less than $10 and went ahead to try it out. Upon exiting the changing room, Kimmy bombed my with a mountain of clothings and asked me to go and try it on. And so I did... without checking the price.

When we went to pay the cart, it turned out to be a whooping S$159. What the flying fuck.

On the bright side, I managed to bring home 10 pieces of apparels that can pretty much last me for the next 2 years. So thankful to have such a sweet boyfriend, xD.... /dontjudge. I just feel that it is pointless to wear new clothes every time when your old ones are still in good condition!

Headed over to Bugis Junction for dinner after that. WAS DESPERATELY CRAVING FOR YOOGANE BECAUSE I'VE BEEN WATCHING TOO MUCH "PRODUCER". But when we got to the restaurant, we were rejected entry. It was only 8:30PM?! They said they had closed the queue because it was too crowded. PFFTS. I was obviously angry after that, and wanted to just go over to Seoul Garden instead, but the food at Seoul Garden didn't look too fresh....

Change of mind, MOF it is!

It's been a while since I last visited MOF! It used to be my favorite Japanese restaurant before I discovered Itacho, hahaha. They have like the best Mango-Avocado Sushi roll and macha desserts lah! Something that has never change over the years. They still serve the best soft served ice cream and fried mochi!

And my must-have Seafood Cold Ramen. Nhmmmm~~~

Bby got his usual katsu don. Idk why he likes it so much, I don't like the taste of the egg with sweet soy sauce. Bleh~

The best.fried.mochi.ever. And they have the best dango too!! Was too angry that day, so I only ordered the fried mochi.. I wanted my Yoogane so badly lor. :(

Never mind. There is always a next time since my school is just nearby. Teeheeeee.
But now I have cravings for Negitoro don again... Oh god, how will I ever slim down.

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