Pre-school depression.

by - Monday, August 03, 2015

Just 3 more days to school. I was totally looking forward to it to be honest... But..... Thoughts of travelling 1 hour to school everyday killed it. Plus, I haven't truly had any rest for the whole of my holidays. I was free for 3 months, yet I could use 1 hand to count the number of times I was at home resting and recovering from whatever sort of sickness I had throughout the holidays. Sigh..

On a second thought, maybe I don't want school to start so soon after all.

Kimmy bought me a USS season pass last month, and we haven't been able to visit ever since. Like what's the point if we cannot go out and have fun after getting the pass....

Bali trip was also cancelled due to pay delay. Had my pay came in earlier, I would have at least went on a quick Bali getaway in early July. Well, my salary just have to delay for 2 weeks causing me to work my ass off under the sun trying to promote some Japanese green tea. I don't even know why did I do that......... Now I have uneven tans and got seriously dehydrated with possible heat stroke. I feel like a piece of wet sponge getting squeezed dry until I become a rock.

I still have so many pending personal posts that I wanted to post, but have yet to write. They're all piling up because of separate assignments coming in and tons and tons of work. Not forgetting I still have another official site to work for. If only people were more flexible with their brains.......
Sigh, I don't even have time for my own stuff. :(

Anyway, I've started to take Otsuka Jelly again. Because I really really hate orange, which is apparently the main source of Vitamin C.... So i had no choice but to get Otsuka Jelly once more. Well, it works too right? Hahahaha. I mean, the jelly does taste nice, and it cost $7 per box. That's like $1 everyday, aiyah, can lah.

And also playing a lot of Brave Frontier.........

That's the only thing I can play these days since my phone is 24/7 with me, and you can leave it on Auto Battle, hahahahhaha. YYQ had been asking me to download MapleStory and join him. Not sure if I should, updating my Parallels is a pain in the ass man. And it took me a hell lot of effort to clear off 50GB from my macbook. @@


I've finally choooooseeeennnn the winnnnerrrrrr for my AKG Y50!!!!!!

I'm sorry it took so long. I am not home half the time and it's hard to chose the winners okay, :(
Alright, watch the video below to find out who won!

List of participants (In sequence of participation):

01 jasontyr93
02 kwek.shiguan
03 dolphins.rainbow
04 wuguii.yap
05 awansnow7
06 Gks_90
07 jasonho_1995
08 Changjie4ever
09 jonlim92
10 akb48dy
11 sgsupremecommander
12 jasminewaka
13 greencabbage78
14 Michael Ambious Tan
15 shikamaru89
16 thisischuankai
17 timelesstranquility
18 Bang-throses
19 meeeeeeee
20 Jaxteojiahao
21 phangjingliang
22 Chun_tung98
23 yulei.baker
24 novaadekurniawan
25 jayyap2711
26 Elvin.tpj
27 iamkeefoong
28 michaelgohks
29 GeoLaunches
30 muslimin_91
31 jonneyyy
32 marcsk
33 winnie.twt
34 Take2_sam
35 murder8808
36 deshwl_93
37 lelouch_koh
38 Ykh_zy
39 hongisgreat
41 Wilsoncai2005
42 Xenogearz7
43 alexhsu2009
44 lyricalpieces
45 luv_se7en925
46 Ozma_Majora
47 emptied_bottle
48 hualiang86
49 akomono
50 tansoolee88
51 strawcream0
52 Ayane-x

Congratulationnnnns!!! Winner will contacted by the end of this week!

Thank you so much for participating!! I will host more giveaways in future if I have anything to giveaway again, hahahahaha.
Thank you for the constant support, I'll update again soon!

Xx, love you people so much.

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